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8 of 6,095 quotations related to Political Correctness

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Archbishop Wulfstan
... they mumbled through their jaws where they should have cried out; also through foul pride of the people and through gluttony and manifold sins they destroyed their land and they themselves perished.

c. 1014 AD - describing the history of the Britons in Sermo Lupi ad Anglos
Bruce, Tammy
The essential ingredients in the milieu of social change - freedom of expression and personal liberty - have suffered extraordinary damage in the name of "social equality" or "feminism" or "civil rights." Agendas cloaked in these respected labels of have turned people away from the heart of these ideals and, in some cases, actually reversed social progress for everyone, including women, people of color, and others...

2001 - from The New Thought Police
There is a method to the madness of those who have chosen to protect us from ourselves. Nothing in the theory of feminism or civil rights requires people to stop thinking their own thoughts. On the contrary, civil rights are reliant on individual freedom. The spiral down and away from individual liberty can be traced directly to the rejection of the rights of one for the rights of the many. This group-rights mentality is nothing new; it is steeped in the "progressive" concept that the individual must submit to what is best for everyone else. This idea stems not from the ideal of civil rights but from the well of socialism, the foundational model of the far Left. Once we accept group theory, it not only becomes easier to reject individual rights (like freedom of expression) but actually becomes essential that we do so.

2001 - from The New Thought Police
D'Souza, Dinesh
It's ... interesting to note that the women's studies and black studies departments, which were originally set up to fight the intolerance of traditional academic departments, are now among the most intolerant places on campus.

Jan. 1995 - from "Forbidden Thoughts", a discussion published in American Enterprise by the American Enterprise Institute
Jukes, Steven
 We all know that one man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter and that Reuters upholds the principle that we do not use the word 'terrorist'... We're trying to treat everyone on a level playing field...

Sept. 27, 2001 - from a directive to Reuters staff and an interview about it, after the World Trade Center attacks, quoted by John O'Sullivan in "Call them what they are - terrorists" published in the National Post
Whittier, John Greenleaf
I trace your lines of argument; / Your logic linked and strong / I weigh as one who dreads dissent, / And fears a doubt as wrong. / But still my human hands are weak / to hold your iron creeds; / Against the words ye bid me speak / My heart within me pleads.

from "Revelation"
Wilde, Oscar
It is only an auctioneer who should admire all schools of art.

Feb. 8, 1886 - from "To Read, or Not to Read", published in the Pall Mall Gazette
Zeller, Richard
There was a time that ... honorable people could disagree honorably; now, any challenge to the campus sacred cows (feminism, affirmative action, and multiculturalism) is denounced as evil.

Sep. 28, 2000 - quoted by Larry Elder in "The politically incorrect professor", published by Creators Syndicate Inc.