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23 of 6,095 quotations related to Raising children

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Charen, Mona
Though out-of wedlock births in the United States have skyrocketed in the past several decades, the number of babies available for adoption has plunged. Only 1 percent of women with unplanned pregnancies choose adoption. ... The decline in domestic adoptions is lamentable not principally because it denies children to infertile couples, but because it almost universally translates into more unhappy children. ... What is so troubling is to witness every segment of society with influence over young pregnant girls setting them up for trouble. ... It seems doubtful that the stigma against premarital sex will return with its former authority. But at least we can remind girls, at every step of the process, what a wise, unselfish and moral thing it is to place a child for adoption.

Jul. 7, 2000 - from "The baby dearth", published by Creators Syndicate Inc.
Chigbo, Okey  
The antispanking movement of the last 15 years has done a brilliant job propagating the view that spanking is just another form of child abuse. Today, normal parents are not just frightened of appearing abusive; they also fear that an occasional swat to the behind can turn their little darling into a dangerously aggressive adolescent and an incorrigibly criminal adult, as the "scientific evidence" says. In fact, the antispanking movement, and its agents in the mainstream media, has used this weak, and in some cases simply non-existent, evidence to beat parents into submission. Antispanking advocates have given us nothing more than a smattering of half-truths along with heavy smacks of propaganda.

Jul. 1998 - from "Bum rap", published in The Next City Magazine, Summer 1998
Even without a PhD in sociology, the average person, using his common sense, should be suspicious of studies that claim spanking increases societal violence. The first question the skeptic asks: Was there more violence and crime in the '50s and '60s than there is now? The answer, of course, is no.

Jul. 1998 - from "Bum rap", published in The Next City Magazine, Summer 1998
Colson, Charles
What the experts have shown is that crime is caused by the lack of moral training during the morally formative years. There has to be a moral solution, a transformation of the individual. [Colson claims that a prisoner support program he runs reduces the recidivism rate to five percent from a national average of over 40 percent.]

Feb. 8, 2001 - quoted in "Charity is not the government's job" by Larry Elder, Creator's Syndicate Ind.
The strength of a nation derives from the integrity of the home.

Durant, William
The family is the nucleus of civilization.

Friedenberg, Edgar Z.  
In a world as empirical as ours, a youngster who does not know what he is good at will not be sure what he is good for.

1959 - from The Vanishing Adolescent
Gingrich, Newt
Civilization cannot survive with twelve-year-olds having babies, fifteen-year-olds shooting one another, seventeen-year-olds dying of AIDS, and eighteen-year-olds graduating with diplomas they cannot read.

Sep. 01, 1994 - from an article in Commentary Magazine
Gore, Al
 I believe that Government has the right to be involved in the growth and progress of our children..

1996 - from a speech at the Democratic national convention
Henry, Patrick
When we are planning for posterity, we ought to remember that virtue is not hereditary.

1775 - from The Liberty Tree

Mill, John Stuart
The fact itself, of causing the existence of a human being, is one of the most responsible actions in the range of human life. To undertake the responsibility--to bestow a life which my be either a curse or a blessing--unless the being on whom it is bestowed will have at least the ordinary chances of a desirable existence, is a crime against that being.

1859 - from On Liberty
Patrick, John  
Real education is rooted in the telling and retelling of culturally formative stories which give meaning to ideas of honour, courage, justice, truth, and love. An education without these foundations is an education that is not worthy of the name.

Jun. 1996 - from "The Myth of Moral Neutrality", originally published in the Medical Sentinel
Powell, Colin
One's vision first and foremost rests on values. Values because values are the conscience of a society. Values that must be lived; not just preached. Children learn values by watching their parents in their homes. Values which are then reinforced in their churches and in their places of worship, in the schools and in the communities in which they live. Values fuel families, families that are bound together by love and commitment. Families that then have the strength to withstand the assaults of contemporary life, to resist the images of violence and vulgarity that flood into our lives every day. Families that come together as communities to defeat the scourge of drugs and crime and incivility that threaten us.

Oct. 11, 1997 - from an interview published in Home Business magazine
Sagan, Carl Edward
An extraterrestrial being, newly arrived on Earth -- scrutinizing what we mainly present to our children in television, radio, movies, newspapers, magazines, the comics, and many books -- might easily conclude that we are intent on teaching them murder, rape, cruelty, superstition, credulity, and consumerism. We keep at it, and through constant repitition many of them finally get it. What kind of society could we create if, instead, we drummed into them science and a sense of hope?

1996 - from The Demon-Haunted World: Science As a Candle in the Dark
Thomas, Clarence
... there is much wisdom that requires no genius. It takes no education and no great intellect to know that it is best for children to be raised in two parent families. Yet, those who dare say this are often accused of trying to impose their values on others. This condemnation does not rest on some great body of counterevidence; it is purely and simply an in-your-face response. It is, in short, intimidation. For brutes, the most effective tactic is to intimidate an opponent into the silence of self-censorship.

Feb. 13, 2001 - from his Francis Boyer Lecture to the American Enterprise Institute
Thoreau, Henry David
If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; that is where they should be. Now put the foundations under them.

None but a mule denies his family.

The hand that rocks the cradle rules the nation and its destiny.

Prepare the child for the path, not the path for the child.

The best thing parents can spend on their children is time, not money.

Van Buren, Abigail
If you want children to keep their feet on the ground, put some responsibility on their shoulders.

Weld, William
The best preparation for work is not thinking about work, talking about work or studying for work. It is work.

from a speech, quoted in Reader's Digest magazine, Sept. 2001
Woodman, Cousin
Good judgment comes from experience, and experience - well, that comes from poor judgment.