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Hrab, J.N.  
Great Books, Bad Politics

The classics of Western literature were once center to the undergraduate learning experience. Thanks to political correctness, this is no longer so. The result is intellectual impoverishment and a diminished quality of undergraduate life. Previously published in the February 4th 1998 edition of U of T's student publication "the newspaper".
Swapping Scholarships for Votes

The federal government's Millenium Scholarship Fund is a new way to buy young people's votes.
Kissel, Blair  
Canadian Federation of Students Full of Hot Air

Access 2000, the latest set of demands from the Canadian Federation of Students, is just another set of shortsighted, meaningless repairs. Our post-secondary education system needs real reform, not a bunch of children screaming for more government handouts.
McGillivray, Peter  
George Grant's Lament for a Nation: The Impossibility of Red Conservatism in the Modern Technological Age

A review of Grant's famous conservative tract lamenting the passing of Canadian nationalism. Writing in the 1960's, Grant correctly predicts the ascendence of of the cult of neo-liberalism (read neo-conservatism) and the assesses the overwhelming, globalizing force of technology. These two forces, he argues will have rendered the nation-state powerless to manage its own affairs as exemplified in the downfall of the Diefenbaker Consevative nationalist government in the early 1960's. This essay was orginally written for an undergarduate course entitled "Thinking about Politics," taught by the Hon. Bob Rae, former Premier of Ontario.
Schafer, Christopher  
The Battle for Supremacy: The Supreme Court of Canada and the Federal Legislature

The democratic notion of Canada’s parliamentary institutions has been usurped by an appointed judiciary that is ultimately undemocratic. This studious essay reviews a number of cases to underscore contradictions of parliamentary democratic principles, and sometimes of the courts themselves.
Schuster, Eli  
Book Review: "Ronald Reagan: How an Ordinary Man Became an Extraordinary Leader"

Review of the book "Ronald Reagan: How an Ordinary Man Became an Extraordinary Leader", by: Dinesh D'Souza, published by The Free Press, New York, 1997
CIUT Got What it Deserved

A student radio station gets a makeover by its student council which reduces the amount of leftist and "alternative" programming in favour of a more balanced schedule. Can student councils at other universities be considering similar action?
The New National Socialism

Nationalism, and even racism, pervades the ideology of contemporary emerging socialist movements.