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Jeffrey Simpson

1947 -

Political columnist for the Globe and Mail newspaper, author of The Friendly Dictatorship (2001) and other works

Democracy requires people to care about its institutions and to participate as citizens in them. A sullen and disengaged citizenry is no friend of democracy, because at the very least these attitudes allow governments to grow insensitive and arrogant, and to fail to steer the country in directions that maximize the well-being and solidarity of tis citizens.

2001 - from The Friendly Dictatorship
Canadian parliamentary democracy, as it has evolved, places more power in the hands of the prime minister than does any other democracy, far more than the U.S. president wields, but more, too, than political leaders exercise in other parliamentary regimes.

2001 - from The Friendly Dictatorship
... the most sophisticated research and advertising cannot guarantee success for faulty or unwanted products, such as the Edsel or Joe Clark...

1980 - from Discipline of Power, Personal Library, Toronto