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Links shown with are not reliably conservative.
Bogus News Network
Entertaining Gen-X site offering false news, but including a healthy dose of truth & wisdom
Conservative Political Action Conference
Information and online registration for the premiere annual conservative conference
Fax the Feds  
E-mail arrives as fax at federal ministers' & diplomats' offices
Field of Schemes
How publicly-supported sports stadiums are turning public money into private profit
Free Dominion  
Spirited forums sparked by interesting articles
Free Republic
Commentary on media coverage of political stories
HIS Character
A few good articles exploring the importance of character in public officials
Historic Moments In Canadian Politics
Very small but growing presentation of photos from recent political history
Liberal Watch  
Opposing the Canadian federal Liberal Party
Mathematically Correct
Emerging new math curriculum ideas laid bare

National Academy of Public Administration
Government administrators' ideas about how to improve government
Owe-lympics Page  
Paul Silhan's site promoting his parody songs - fun!
People for the Ethical Treatment of Algae
Dedicated to establishing and protecting the rights of all algae
Philosophy: Who Needs It
Objectivist Leonard Peikoff's radio show
Politically Incorrect
Bill Maher's smart & biting TV show - games, quips & more - fun!
Polymath Society
Rational Anarchist  
Outspoken commentary from the anarchist viewpoint, more thoughtful than many of its ilk
Scalia Shrine
Judicial restraint & preservation of constitution
Singles with Scruples
A dating service for scrupled people!

A new site promising to be a raucus town hall with MP ratings, political links & more
U.S. National Debt Clock
Public debt is not an exclusively Canadian problem
War Room
Lots of audio & info from Jim Quinn's radio show