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Authors & Columnists
Blatchford, Ms. Christie - The National Post  
Buckley, Mr. William F. - Universal Press
Coyne, Mr. Andrew - The National Post  
Durkan, Mr. Sean - The Ottawa Sun  
Frum, Mr. David - The National Post  
Gairdner, William D.  
Information about Dr. Gairdner and his published and in-progress works
Horowitz, Mr. David - Salon Magazine
Jenkinson, Mr. Michael - The Edmonton Sun  
Krauthammer, Mr. Charles - The Washington Post
Laframboise, Ms. Donna - Freelance  

Leishman, Mr. Rory - The London Free Press  
McElroy, Ms. Wendy - Freelance  
Fine libertarian writer whose site offers dozens of essays and information about her books
Mercer, Ilana  
A selection of columns by this libertarian freelance columnist
Morton, Mr. Ted - The Calgary Sun  
Paglia, Ms. Camille - Salon Magazine
Selick, Ms. Karen - Lawyer & Columnist  
Sharp clear libertarian essays
Sowell, Mr. Thomas - Forbes Magazine
Will, Mr. George - Chicago Sun-Times
Woiceshyn, Mr. Glenn - Freelance  
Objectivist essays & letters