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Links shown with are not reliably conservative.
Liberal/Socialist Links
The virtual union hall
American Association for Affirmative Action  
Provided for and by professionals managing affirmative action & related programs
American Civil Liberties Union  
An example of how a good idea and organization can go terribly wrong
American Prospect Magazine  
One of the better misguided liberal journals
Americans for Democratic Action  
Oriented to grassroots activists, busy, political, shrill, and wrong
Aspen Institute  
Often thoughtful, sometimes classical liberal, sometimes Clinton-esque dogma
Bad Subjects  
Musings on the gamut of liberal issues
Brookings Institution  
Long a fountain of knowledge for liberals
Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives    
Think tank funded by Canadian unions and other leftist organizations
Canadian Commentary    
Pretensions of "serious commentary" cloaking overworked blather

Canadian Council on Social Development - Links    
A large collection of links to social-activist organizations
Canadian Dimension Magazine    
Essays and other musings from the unabashedly leftist point of view
Cité Libre    
"Quebec's Voice For Liberalism and Canadian Unity"
Electronic Policy Network  
An offshoot of American Prospect magazine, sometimes thoughtful
Hegel by Hypertext  
Lots of Hegel's work & others' commentary on it - heaven for masochistic socialists
Institute for Public Accuracy  
Spin to attack the Cato Institute, Brookings Institute, Heritage Foundation, etc.
Left Wing Lingo, Ideologies, and History  
The history & theories of leftist ideology
Liberal Party of Canada    
Canada's often-successful and currently-governing party of no principles
Liberals & Libertarians  
Advancing the argument that liberals and libertarians are a lot alike
Marx/Engels Archive  
More than you'll ever need to know

motherjones.com / mojo wire  
Web home and offshoot of Mother Jones magazine, "Click here to save the rainforest" and other goofiness
One of the oldest leftist (not liberal) publications in the U.S.
National Education Association  
The trouble starts here: the U.S. national teachers' union
New Republic  
Some think of it as the National Review for liberals
Solving the world's problems using the "democracy" of the Internet
Parkland Institute    
Alberta-based left-leaning think tank
People for the American Way  
Liberal watchdog, tips towards legal/constitutional issues & combating "right wing" activism with their own
Progressive Economics Forum    
Unassailable truths of economics assaulted by some of the leading economics voices among Canada's socialist activists
Public Eye  
"an independent, nonprofit research center that unmasks the US political right"
Straight Goods    
News, columns, forums, and more from the left

Turn Left  
"The home of liberalism on the Web"
U.S. Democratic Party  
The party that made Bill Clinton president, and is proud of it
United for a Fair Economy  
Dedicated to equality of income and wealth
ZNet Network  
Sponsored by Z Magazine for "people concerned about social change"