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The conservative forum org search feature accepts a single word or phrase, and searches the collection you are currently viewing (essays, quotations, or links) for occurrences of that word or exact phrase.

The search engine currently searches only for exact matches of the word or phrase. It does not support boolean searches, such as "churchill AND world war II". It is not case-sensitive. Authors' names are stored in the database in parts (last name, first name) and so should be searched that way (search on last name, or on first name).

For example, to find all quotations by or about Winston Churchill, try simply typing "churchill" and clicking on the Search button. Searching for "winston churchill" would return only the quotations in which his name appeared in full, since neither his last name or first name are "Winston Churchill", but some quotations or their attributions may include his full name. Typing "churchill and world war II" would produce only quotations in which that exact phrase appeared.

We hope to offer more sophisticated searching capabilities, including full-site searching and boolean and natural language queries, later this year. In the meantime, we hope you can find what you need using the current facility.

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