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The organization of our quotations into the interest categories below is a work in progress. Some interest categories may contain unrelated quotations simply because they contain the word(s) in the title of the category, and many quotations have not yet been categorized.

For these reasons, be sure to use the search facility above, or the other options which appear beneath the interest categories below, to find quotations you are seeking.

Aboriginal Issues Education Liberalism Public Policy
Abortion Environment Libertarianism Race & Culture
Affirmative Action Equality Liberty Raising children
Bureaucracy Ethics Media Reform
Business Euthanasia Morality Regulation
Canada Family National Unity Religion
Canadian Unity Feminism Nationalism Responsibility
Capitalism Foreign Affairs Order Rights
Censorship Free Markets Parliament Science
Character Free Speech Patriotism Secularism
Citizenship Freedom Persistence Senate Reform
Civilization Globalization Philosophy Social Programs
Common Sense Government Political Correctness Socialism
Community Government Subsidies Political Parties Statism
Competition Gun Control Politicians Taxes
Conservatism Health Care Politics Tolerance
Constitution / Charter History Populism Tradition
Courts & Judges Honour Power Truth and Honesty
Defense Human Rights Privacy War and Peace
Democracy Immigration Property Rights Welfare
Drugs/War on Drugs Justice Provincial relations
Duty Labour and Unions Prudence
Economics Leadership Public Opinion

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