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Coyne, Andrew  
Politics is a business that inverts all the normal rules of human conduct. In most walks of life, it is thought dishonourable - personally shaming - to lie, or even to shade the truth; to boast of one's own achievements, and sneer at others'; to flatter and connive in private, to mock and rage in public. Yet these and worse are the daily work of those we elect. ... If that is the price of power, of seeing your ideals enacted into law, perhaps it is a price worth paying, as statesman have since politics began. But our MPs, especially those on the government side, must endure another humiliation: that of impotence. Having compromised themselves ... they soon learn they have done all this for nothing. They are not legislators. They have no power. All they have is a job, and that dependent on keeping nice with the leader.

Jun. 6, 2001 - from "Honourable Members? Which ones?", published in the National Post