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2 of 6,095 quotations related to Immigration

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Campbell, Charles M.  
[Canadian, U.S. and Australian studies] show that little or no connection exists between immigration and the welfare of the receiving population.

Jun. 1997 - from a speech in Vancouver
Krauthammer, Charles
At the start of this century there were (as a percentage of the population) 50 percent more foreign-born U.S. residents than there are today. And yet the Irish and Italians and Jews and Poles and Chinese and Japanese of that immigrant wave assimilated so remarkably into the American mainstream that today they are the American mainstream. The problem today is not unassimilable immigrants but an American educational elite that, in the name of ethnic authenticity and multiculturalism, would like them to be unassimilable. Hence the imposition of such devices as bilingual education -- a euphemism for slighting and delaying English instruction -- that not just celebrate but perpetuate ethnic separatism. California's Proposition 227, effectively abolishing bilingual education, marks a welcome resurgence of American common sense. Immigrants are our future. We owe a duty to them -- and to ourselves as a nation -- to make them American as quickly as possible. We'd better. Immigrants are the magic cure -- the American cure -- for the birth dearth.

Feb. 17, 1998 - from "Saved by immigrants", Washington Post