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7 of 6,095 quotations related to Social Programs

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Frum, David  
Right now, the [actuarial] troubles of [the Canada Pension Plan] and the federal retirement system are tedious, abstract subjects. But in about a dozen years, the abstraction will be squeezed flat out of them, as taxes remorselessly rise to honour the easy promises made by glad-handing politicians when the Baby Boomers were young. ... the obligations of present and future taxpayers to the post-2011 retirees have already exceeded any reasonable - and most unreasonable - definitions of the taxpayers' ability to pay.

Aug. 28. 1999 - from "Taxpayers overpaid by $30B", published in the National Post newspaper
Social Programs are all very well, in moderation. But they hardly constitute a national identity. Medicare did not climb the cliffs to the Plains of Abraham in General Wolfe's knapsack. We copied it from Britain three years after we imported the twist...

from What's Right
Mulroney, Martin Brian  
Any civilization which respects itself admits to its basic responsibility of providing for its members in need. But few civilizations have achieved greatness by treating all their members as needy.

quoted in Columbo's New Canadian Quotations by John Robert Columbo
 Are we making proper use of taxpayers' money by giving a bank president, say, at $500,000 or $600,000 a year, a baby bonus?... I don't know the answer.

quoted in Columbo's New Canadian Quotations by John Robert Columbo
Rebick, Judy  
After years of provincial attempts to grab more and more power, who would have thought that a fistful of money was all that it would take to preserve the federal role in social programs? ... With the social union, the Liberal government has managed to buy off the right-wing governments of Ralph Klein and Mike Harris with health care dollars; bring the NDP governments back to their values; and silence the decentralist Reform Party, which wants the co-operation of Klein and Harris to move forward on its United Alternative strategy.

Mar. 01, 1999 - from her essay in Elm Street magazine, page 112
Roepke, Wilhelm
The burden of the system of mass social services, which the state enforces, can no longer be borne by the higher incomes alone but must be placed on the shoulders of those same masses whose interests the system is to serve.

1957 - from A Humane Economy
Sarlo, Christopher
Most of the decline [in poverty rates] occurred prior to the big increases in government spending. ... Despite a huge increase in social spending since the early 1980s, the poverty rate has apparently settled on a plateau.

Jul. 25, 2001 - quoted in "Poverty, clearly", published in the National Post