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8 of 6,095 quotations related to Health Care

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Black, Conrad Moffat  
At the end of the Trudea era, Canada was the only country in the world besides North Korea to have outlawed private medicine, and current political wisdom blames successor governments for the health care disaster created twenty years ago.

1997 - from "Taking Canada Seriously", published in International Journal, quoted in Famous Lasting Words by John Robert Columbo
Collins, Gary  
If we don't get the spending under control in health care, four or five ... or six years from now, all government will do is health care and a little bit of education. And everything else will have been crowded out of the budget.

Jul. 30, 2001 - quoted by Paul Wells in an interview in the National Post
Frum, David  
If one proves one's patriotism by suffering for one's country, then Canadian medicare patients are among the most patriotic people in the world. Thousands of them every year endure unnecessary pain and danger because of our dilapidated national health-care monopoly.

Sep. 7, 1999 - from his column in the National Post
The crisis in medicare is creating something that Canada seemed to have lost decades ago: a constituency for freedom.

Sep. 7, 1999 - from his column in the National Post
Kopel, David
Today, Canada is a country steeped in socialism. Typical of socialist societies, its government provides — or at least promises — goodies like "free" universal national health care. But the abject failure and myths of socialized medicine are quickly exposed by the number of Canadians who flock to the U.S. each year to obtain the medical services they can't obtain at home, or who must wait so long that delivery of those services is tantamount to denial.

Dec. 20, 2000 - from "No Canada", published in National Review and here on conservative forum org
National Post, The  
Canada's public health system is rushing headlong into a wall of rising costs and unlimited expectations, and conditions are such that provinces have no choice but to innovate in ways that push against Ottawa's interpretation of the notoriously-vague Canada Health Act. If Canadians are to be made to endure an Ottawa-imposed government health monopoly, the least they should expect is maximum flexibility in the way officials run that monopoly. Decisions should be made as often as possible by the officials closest to the patients.

Jun. 20, 2001 - from its editorial "Cross-border health..."
Roepke, Wilhelm
Compulsory health insurance itself is seriously ill nearly everywhere ... It is hard to imagine that Great Britain would have set up the National Health Service in its present far-reaching form if people had realized in advance how it would work out ...

1957 - from A Humane Economy
Selick, Karen  
... socialized medicine takes our choices away—both as to how much we wish to spend, and how much we wish to receive.

Feb. 1999 - from "Socialized Medicine - One Size Fits None", published in Canadian Lawyer magazine