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Personal Statement

Our policy regarding use of any personal information (name, email address) you provide us arises from my own concerns about privacy.

We won't do anything with this information other than use it to send you occasional notices of the new items added to conservativeforum.org, as you have requested. Not now, not ever.

I am the creator of conservativeforum.org and sole custodian of its data. I have bellowed at telemarketers, pursued formal complaints with regulators, spammed spammers, argued with store clerks about providing personal information, and exhibited other symptoms of the modern privacy paranoic. I share your concern about providing personal information, and will protect yours as I do my own.

If you want to subscribe to our notice service, so that you know when we have interesting new material, you can do so in the confidence that that's all you are subscribing to.

Mark Magner