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conservativeforum.org accepts thoughtful submissions for publication on this Web site.

Submitted essays are reviewed by members of the Editorial Board prior to publication. conservativeforum.org reserves the right to refuse to publish any material it may receive.

conservativeforum.org recognizes the importance of young thinking and fresh ideas, and encourages students to submit essays to be considered for publication in the Student Articles section of conservativeforum.org. Students should be 25 years of age or less. A student submission must be clearly labeled "Student Article" above the title of the submission.

Essays published on conservativeforum.org remain the property of their author(s) and/or copyright holder(s). Any use other than personal reading of an essay may infringe legal rights.

Essays should be submitted electronically to the e-mail address at the bottom of this page. Essays should be sent as Microsoft Word document files attached to e-mail messages. Files from other major word processors may also be usable. As a last resort, files can be sent as plain ASCII text files attached to e-mail messages.

Essays should be submitted with the following sections, each section separated by blank lines.

  • Date of first publication
  • Title
  • Author's name and (optionally) e-mail address
  • Author's affiliation, and/or the organization that originally published the essay
  • A brief (1-3 sentences) synopsis of the essay
  • The essay

conservativeforum.org does not pay anything but compliments, and the opportunity to be published on this unique site and seen by the hundreds of people who visit it each day. Please send submissions to: