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Welcome to the fresh face of The Canadian Conservative Forum, conservativeforum.org. We hope that our changes make it easier to see what we have and easier to get to it.

The ideal view of the new site will come from Internet Explorer 4.0 or better, or Netscape 4.2 or better, on a system with at least 800 X 600 video resolution, with Microsoft's Verdana font installed. Microsoft fonts are available in free downloads from Microsoft.

Our changes will unfortunately affect users of old Web browsers and/or slow Internet connections. In particular, browsers that don't support "style sheets" will display type in default fonts set in the browser. Users of these older browsers can adjust the defaults in their browser to make our site more attractive. The site also includes more graphics, so it will take longer to load on first visit. On subsequent vists, it will be faster. Finally, some new features require the Javascript support available in newer browsers.

Thanks to the users whose contributions, comments and suggestions have impelled us to continue developing and updating Canada's conservativeforum.org.