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Day, Stockwell  
Conservatism in Contemporary Canadian Politics

Notes for a speech delivered to the Fourth Annual National Conference of Civitas
Finn, Chester E.
Can the Schools Be Saved?

A well-argued overview of American education system problems, and sensible solutions, which rings true for Canadian and other education systems as well. This 1996 essay remains almost entirely current and topical thanks to resistance to reforms in the education realm, and the glacial speed at which reforms proceed. NOTE: This is the original manuscript. An extensively edited version appeared in Commentary Magazine in its September 1996 issue.
Gairdner, William D.  
The Trouble with Democracy

Democracy is no longer what many people believe it to be. Radical evolution ocurring within the framework of liberal democracy threatens cherished ideals of freedom and morality. The word "democracy" is now used to promote and defend all sorts of contradictory policies and points of view, which are exposed and explored in The Trouble with Democracy. This essay is the Introduction to the book The Trouble with Democracy, published by Stoddart Publishing. Reproduced with the permission of the author and the publisher.
Granatstein, J.L.  
Who Killed Canadian History?

Canada is suffering and will suffer from the failure of our eduation system to accurately teach the history of our country. From the preface to J.L. Granatstein's book, Who Killed Canadian History?, published in February, 1998, by Harper Collins Publishers Ltd.
Gratzer, David  
Code Blue: Reviving Canada's Health Care System

The introduction to David Gratzer's book Code Blue: Reviving Canada's Health Care System, winner of the Donnor Prize as an outstanding book on public policy.
Gunter, Lorne  
Toy Seizure Cannot Go Unchallenged

Police seized a supply of legally-owned toy guns from an Oakville, Ontario store, and then held a press conference to pat themselves on the back for doing so. The police chief admits that "under our present federal and provincial legislation, these firearms [sic] aren't covered." Mr. Gunter expresses alarm that should ring across the country about this police action. Originally published in the Edmonton Journal.
Hayek, Friedrich
The Road to Serfdom (excerpts)

Excerpts from Hayek's venerable work. The full book is available from Laissez Faire Books or through links to chapters.ca or amazon.com on conservativeforum.org.
Kalb, James
The Tyranny of Liberalism

The development of liberalism has reversed its original principles. Rather than let society control the state, a more ambitious liberalism now makes the state control society. In spite of claims of neutrality, liberalism establishes an enforceable official morality that supports a definite way of life. The rational way beyond liberalism is to discuss the questions it avoids and cannot answer. Intellectually, liberalism cannot survive their free discussion. Once liberalism goes, what then? A slightly edited version of this essay appeared in the Summer 2000 issue of ModernAge. Mr. Kalb would be grateful for any comments about it via his e-mail.
Leishman, Rory  
Robed Dictators: Legislators for Life

A coup from the courtroom has usurped our democracy. Originally published in The Next City Magazine, this essay won Honourable Mention in the National Magazine Awards of 1998. Re-published with the permission of the author and the publisher.
Morrow, Lance
The Case for Rage and Retribution

The September 11th, 2001, terrorist attacks on New York's World Trade Center and the American Pentagon demand natural reactions of rage and retribution. While contrary to the soft-headed newspeak and global utopianism advanced during the 1990s, the only reasonable response to warlike action is war. Published by TIME Magazine in a special edition released shortly after the Day of Infamy. The original TIME presentation of this essay can be found here.

Scruton, Roger
Communitarian Dreams

Communitarianism expresses the longing for a community that will once again surround and embrace the individual and provide him with a goal that is greater than his own self-interest - not unlike the conservatism which communitarians disdain. If communitarians are to take their philosophy seriously they should discard egalitarian dreams, support traditions and authorities, and allow majority values to marginalize the "alternatives" that undermine them. This essay first appeared in the Autumn 1996 issue of the Manhattan Institute's City Journal, and is reprinted with permission. A subsequent rebuttal to this essay by communitarian Amitai Etzioni and Roger Scruton's reply are also published on conservativeforum.org with permission.
Selick, Karen  
Government Blows Smoke on Tobacco Lawsuit

Smokers and non-smokers alike should be concerned about attempts by the British Columbia government to sue tobacco companies for the health care costs their products require. Legislation advanced by the government tramples longstanding principles of law. If allowed to proceed, it opens avenues for dismissals by legislatures of other fundamental individual rights and restraints on government power. A slightly-different version of this essay was originally published in the National Post.
Wolfe, Claire
A Number, Not a Name: Big Brother by Stealth

With alarming speed, U.S. legislation is being introduced or changed by the Clinton administration to permit the development of an electronic citizen monitoring system. Interconnected systems based on Social Security numbers will ensure that highly-detailed information about every person, from birth, will be available to most government bureaucrats and to "researchers" that they allow to access the information. [Similar systems are already in place (e.g. our national voter registry and gun registry systems), or in development in Canada too. Ed.]