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Are you concerned about our giving you a cookie? Do you know what is a cookie?

The conservativeforum.org web site "remembers" the date you last visited it by sending a tiny packet of information called a "cookie" to your browser.  Your browser writes the cookie to a special file on your hard disk.  The next time anyone using your computer visits our site, we ask your browser to send back our cookie.

Our cookie contains three pieces of information:  the date you last visited our site, a subscription number (if you have subscribed to our update notification service) and the date on which the cookie should automatically be removed from your disk (six months after your last visit).  Period.  Full stop.

The cookie does not contain any private information.  Putting it on your system does not tell us anything about you.  Like all cookies, it contains only the information we write to it.  It doesn't tell us who you are, doesn't give us your e-mail address, doesn't reveal the inner workings of your system, and cannot possibly contain a virus.  We and most people who visit our site would be very concerned too if cookies could do any of those things.  Our cookie simply tells us that your browser has visited our site before, and gives us the date that occurred.

Why do we bother?  When we know the date on which you last visited us, the programming in the web site can intelligently flag information for you as "new" (newly posted to the site) to help you easily find our new material.

We hope this assuages any concern you may have.  Thank you for visiting Canada's conservativeforum.org.