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Amazon.com online bookstore

Amazon.com online bookstore

conservativeforum.org is affiliated with the American online bookseller Amazon.com. The affiliation program pays us a small commission on purchases made after you click links on our web site to get to the Amazon web site.

You pay the same price that you would otherwise pay, including any discounts being offered by Amazon.

Purchases are made entirely through Amazon's secure online ordering systems. We never learn who you are or what you bought, nor do we receive your credit card information.

Amazon ships around the world.

By purchasing your books through the links provided on our site, you can help keep conservativeforum.org alive and growing. Thank you for using this means to help us spread right-thinking ideas around the world.

If you have questions or comments about this program, please write to Mark Magner at:


We will not retain or use your e-mail address if you write to us.

To head off one question... conservativeforum.org did have an affiliation with Canadian bookseller Chapters.ca. The company's site after a merger was peremptorily changed. Their new program does not let us link you directly to books you click on our site - it is a banner ad program only - so we have discontinued our affiliation with them. Amazon provides excellent service to Canadians, sometimes at lower cost than IndigoChapters.ca, so we don't hesitate to commend them.