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Raymond B. Cattell
1905 - 1998

Doctor of psychology, research scientist. Cattell developed an analytic theory of personality that led to the development of the first sophisticated personality factor questionnaire, and produced one of the early culture-fair tests of intelligence.

Today ... in certain political groups, the term 'egalitarian' no longer refers to the liberal philosophy of equal justice and democratic organization, but to a Watsonian belief that with suitable conditioning all can be brought to the same intellectual level.

Historically most cultures have not felt it necessary to remove the last vestiges of poverty (if that were possible) before proceeding with cultural creation. Pericles persisted with the construction of the Parthenon despite poverty and other distress in Athens. ... As in Upper Egypt or at Minos, the many had to be 'exploited' by the few. ... In our present age, probably through the Christian religions rather than the political Athenian-Icelandic form of democracy, and in the absence of evolutionary ethics, it is frowned upon to push ahead with creations meaningful and possible (at first) only for a few. It is as if an army were compelled, by internal prejudices, to advance single file abreast, regardless of the tactical formation for success.

1994 - from How Good is Your Country, Institute for the Study of Man, Washington D.C.