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Rainer Knopf

Professor of Political Science, University of Calgary, head of the university's Study of Civil Society, co-author (with Ted Morton) of The Charter Revolution and The Court Party (2000, Broadview Press)

Book by Rainer Knopf
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The Charter Revolution and The Court Party
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The Supreme Court is no longer a court, but an overtly political censor, an oracle ready to second-guess disputable political judgments whenever it sees the need.

Apr. 2000 - from The Charter Revolution and The Court Party (with Ted Morton)
So long as our judges were simply adjudicating particular cases, they had a real claim to judicial independence. But now they are setting all kinds of public policy from the bench. And they still want to hold on to all the accoutrements of judicial independence, so in effect, they can't be held accountable for their policy-making. They want to have their cake and eat it.

Jan. 19, 1998 - quoted in "The makings of a counter-revolution", an essay in Alberta Report
We should not be surprised when, having been taught that toleration presupposes approval, people refuse to tolerate what they hate.

Apr. 1999 - from "Courts don't make good compromises", published in Policy Options by the Institute for Public Policy