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Fraser Institute
Canadian free-market research institute

Once more, the Canadian provinces rank dead last, without exception, in terms of the average dollar value of charitable donations when compared with US states.

Dec. 2000 - from "Canadian & American Monetary Generosity"
Regulations are ostensibly enacted to protect the public. But, while their intent may be laudable, governments often fail to consider whether a new regulation will meet its stated goal, whether it is the most cost-effective method of protecting the public, and what its unintended consequences are. It is inherently risky to breathe, eat, drive, walk, work, invest, and play. As our tolerance for the risks associated with these activities continues to decrease, governments have responded by introducing an increasing number of new regulations affecting almost every facet of our lives. Regulation of chemicals, pharmaceuticals, food, transportation, and environment are often governed by political response to public fear and hysteria rather than careful, objective, scientific evaluations of actual risks.

Apr. 02, 1999 - from marketing literature promoting their conference on this subject
The estimated combined cost of federal, provincial, and municipal regulations reached 83.4 billion dollars in 1995-96, which translates into a burden of $11,272 for a family of four.

Nov. 14, 1998 - quoted in The National Post
By and large, the US experienced an across-the-board increase in the number of taxpayers who donated to charities from the previous year. ... Canada, on the other hand, continued its own worrisome trend in which the proportion of taxpayers donating to charities is continuing to decline.

Dec. 2000 - from "Canadian & American Monetary Generosity"