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Hubert H. Humphrey
1911 - 1978

U.S. Democratic senator from Minnesota, 38th vice president of the U.S. under Lyndon Johnson, presidential candidate who lost to Richard Nixon in 1968.

The right of citizens to keep and bear arms is just one more guarantee against arbitrary government, one more safeguard against tyranny which now appears remote in America, but which historically has proved to be always possible.

The difference between heresy and prophecy is often one of sequence. Heresy often turns out to have been prophecy when properly aged.

If there is dissatisfaction with the status quo, good. If there is ferment, so much the better. If there is restlessness, I am pleased. Then let there be ideas, and hard thought, and hard work.

The impersonal hand of government can never replace the helping hand of a neighbor.

There are not enough jails, not enough policemen, not enough courts to enforce a law not supported by the people.

May 1, 1965 - from a speech at Williamsburg, Virginia
The right to be heard does not automatically include the right to be taken seriously.

Aug. 23, 1965 - from a speech in Madison, Wisconsin
To err is human. To blame someone else is politics.