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David Horowitz

Columnist, author, founder of The Center for the Study of Popular Culture

Books by David Horowitz
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Destructive Generation (1996)
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The Art of Political War and Other Radical Pursuits
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The Politics of Bad Faith: The Radical Assault on America's Future (2000)
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... please stop referring to leftists... whose agendas are a socialist and even fascist utopia (redistribution by racial preferences) as "liberals." These are not liberals. They are leftists. The only thing they are liberal about is hard drugs and sex. In every other respect, they want to control your lives. Their traditions are of the left, their ideas are of the left, their agendas are of the left. You can’t really complain about the double standards for the past, if you continue to apply those double standards to the present.

Jun. 6, 2001 - from "Matters of Treason: Reply to Roger Clegg", published in FrontPageMagazine.com
There are twenty thousand gun laws already on the books, seventeen of which were violated by the Columbine killers. What would one more law accomplish that these twenty thousand could not, especially one that would merely mandate background checks on buyers at gun shows, as the new one did? Is there any evidence that these shows are the sites of a significant number of criminal purchases, or that such legislation would have any effect on armed crimes? The Brady Bill - the most celebrated triumph of gun-control advocates in the last decade - has been violated on more than a quarter of a million occasions since its adoption, but the Clinton Administration (although a fierce advocate of the legislation) has only prosecuted a handful of the violators. Is there more than political smoke at issue in this debate?

Aug. 10, 2000 - from The Art of Political War and Other Radical Pursuits, excerpted in Frontpage Magazine
The message has now gone out to all leftists: "Substitute green for red" -- that is, push socialism labeled as environmentalism as the new priority.

1996 - from Destructive Generation, co-written by Peter Collier
Liberalism proposes universal double standards of intellectual, moral, and professional competence, teaching minorities that they can get away with less, and others that minorities can succeed only by the charity of their ‘superiors.’ Liberalism is a crippling philosophy for those who claim it claims to help, and a not-so-subtle expression of racial arrogance on the part of those who implement it.