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Herbert Grubel

Professor of Economics, Simon Fraser University and Senior Fellow, The Fraser Institute. Dr. Grubel was the Reform Party Finance Critic during the 1993-97 federal parliament.

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The collapse of the Soviet Union has revealed that the officially pronounced superior economic performance of central planning was a sham. The miracle of Sweden’s economic and social performance has lost its luster with the release of recent statistics. In 1960, Sweden’s per capita income was 6 percent higher than that of Canada. In 1995, Sweden's per capita income was 14 percent lower than Canada's. Unemployment in Sweden has become a persistent problem. (see Lindbeck 1997). Japan’s stagnating economy of the 1990s is seen by many as evidence of the pitfalls of national industrial strategies.

Sep. 01, 1998 - from "Economic Freedom and Human Welfare: Some Empirical Findings", an essay published in The Cato Journal, Fall 1998