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Karen Selick

Libertarian (NOT conservative) lawyer practising in Belleville, Ontario and a columnist for Canadian Lawyer magazine. Ms. Selick maintains her own web site at which others of her writings can be found.

Click here for essays by Karen Selick
Human beings are unique among living creatures in that they depend for their survival not upon brute force and instinct, but upon intelligence and reason. For each individual to survive and prosper, he requires the freedom to exercise his judgment and act upon it, unencumbered by coercion from others. To the extent that a country’s laws provide this freedom and protection, they are good laws. To the extent that they deny them, they are bad. However, the conditions necessary for human flourishing apply universally. This is why, if the laws are good, they should apply equally to all. If they are bad, they should be changed for everyone, not just for some.

Jun. 1999 - from "Equality Is Not the Goal"
... socialized medicine takes our choices away—both as to how much we wish to spend, and how much we wish to receive.

Feb. 1999 - from "Socialized Medicine - One Size Fits None", published in Canadian Lawyer magazine