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John Crosbie

Long-time Liberal and Progressive Conservative politician, cabinet minister in Newfoundland and in the federal government in Ottawa, author of No Holds Barred: My Life in Politics (1998)

Book by John Crosbie
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No Holds Barred: My Life In Politics (1997)
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 If we told you what we were going to do, you'd never have elected us.

The problem with [fellow Newfoundland MLA Tom] Burgess was that his support could never be bought. At best, he could be rented, and perhaps only by the hour.

1998 - from No Holds Barred: My Life in Politics
The public doesn't want, won't accept and will not support honest, forthright and truthful politicians. They love to look down on politicians for not being truthful and straightforward. This is the underlying hypocrisy of Canadian politics and it is fed by the news media, who understand perfectly well that they are the agents for the destruction of trust and candour in public life.

1998 - from No Holds Barred: My Life in Politics
There is no society that has no privately owned economic sector that has any human or civil liberties enshrined within.

quoted in Columbo's New Canadian Quotations by John Robert Columbo