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Lance Morrow
1939 -

American journalist and essayist, member of the editorial board of TIME Magazine for over 30 years, winner of a National Magazine Award in 1981, author of The Chief (1985) and other works

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I would propose that no African American use the terms racism or racist. The words are a feckless indulgence, corrosive to blacks and whites alike and to relations between them. Such rhetoric has given blacks a leadership that has built its career upon mere race-grievance agitation, and is therefore profoundly, almost unconsciously committed to its perpetuation.

Dec. 12, 1994 - from "The Cure for Racism", published in TIME Magazine
We must presumably distinguish between the good, official racism (which is polyunsaturated) and bad racism (which is the saturated fat of the redneck). Well, good racism does not drive out bad. It is weak-minded and dangerously innocent to think one can enlist an immoral principle (sorting out individuals by race) in the service of social justice. The battle against bad racism becomes (like the war in Vietnam) not only unwinnable but self-perpetuating. And worse: the effort to combat racism grows evil in itself. Ideological corruption flourishes in government agencies, as it does in the universities - a kind of moral hive. It destroys immune systems.

Dec. 12, 1994 - commenting on "affirmative action" programs in "The Cure for Racism", published in TIME Magazine