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Hedy Fry

Secretary of State for Multiculturalism and the Status of Women in the Liberal government of Jean Chrétien, Member of Parliament for Vancouver Centre, medical doctor. Fry earned a reputation for bad judgement and outrageous false claims during her tumultuous term in Cabinet. She fabricated claims of racist activities in the country, permitted links from her ministry's government web site to various radical feminist groups, attempted to derail a 1998 review of the Divorce Act which did not embrace radical feminist proposals, and used groundless charges of religious zealotry against her opponents in the 2000 election. Despite her record of misrepresentation and hate-mongering, she was defended and supported by the leadership of her party through years of complaints about her.

 [Supporting her oft-repeated claim of widespread racism and hate in Canada] We can just go to British Columbia in Prince George where crosses are being burned on lawns as we speak.

Mar. 21, 2001 - from a speech in the House of Commons. Fry's subsequent attempts to bolster this false claim were described as "an outright lie" by the mayor of Prince George and contradicted by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.