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Cal Thomas

American columnist for the Los Angeles Times Syndicate, Jewish World Review, and other publications, former spokesperson for the evangelical Moral Majority movement who now decrys the politicization of the religious right, author of The Things That Matter Most (1994), co-author (with Ed Dobson) of Blinded by the Might

When we look around us, our values and convictions sometimes seem fragile and tenuous, like a small flame in the strong wind. In reality, these moral laws have all the certainty of physical laws.

from "The Sixties Are Dead: Long Live the Nineties", a presentation at Hillsdale College
We have rediscovered in the nineties that democracy is moral before it is political and that social order is the public evidence of private conscience.

from "The Sixties Are Dead: Long Live the Nineties", a presentation at Hillsdale College
Since the sixties, college professors have taken up political causes as a profession, using the classroom to denounce falsehood and injustice while teaching that truth and justice are illusions.

from "The Sixties Are Dead: Long Live the Nineties", a presentation at Hillsdale College
The lack of any personal accountability to a moral code has made immorality respectable in our nation. There is at times little in the press, in the entertainment industry, or in our institutions of higher (lower?) learning that can lift us up or cause us to realize that we have fallen. All of the voices are coming from below, rather than from above.

1990 - from The Death of Ethics in America
If we will not be constrained from within by the power of God, we must be constrained from without by the power of the State...

Mar. 1995 - from an article in Harper's magazine
When I was young, my parents never worried that I might learn something bad from "Buffalo Bob'' and Shari Lewis. Television was a welcome guest in our home. You could even watch the news as a family. Other shows -- like "Kukla, Fran and Ollie,'' "Ding Dong School'' and "Romper Room'' -- taught children right from wrong and instilled positive moral and patriotic values. Some scoff at such things today, but it might be argued that the rejection of those values has led to many of our present predicaments.

Aug. 10, 1998 - from "Endangered Species", published in Jewish World Review
There are political points to be made by pitting us against each other. People have access to federal resources if they are part of a victim class. Their political clout is increased if they can join groups and petition politicians for a redress of their grievances, promising votes to the candidate or party that offers the most goodies.

Jul. 17, 1998 - from "One Nation? Indivisible?", published in Jewish World Review
If the government had not been so insistent in tearing down the moral code that used to protect us in this country, perhaps more people might be able to judge right from wrong for themselves.