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J. Richard Finlay

Director of the Centre for Corporate and Public Governance, contributor to the National Post, Financial Post, and other journals

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[Canadians] ... we are content to elect a prime minister with the appointment powers of an autocrat for the duration of his term. It is a curious anomaly of an otherwise sensible people in accepting such an archaic governance system. Louis himself couldn't have asked for anything more.

Nov. 15, 2000 - from Our Prime Minister Has Too Much Power
What is happening to Canada's economic image in the world results in no small part from the paucity of political ideas and underdeveloped leaders of all parties that have been the bane of the nation for too long. It is this climate that has allowed flawed policy decisions to go unchecked, either by public opinion or by counterbalancing political mechanisms. Canadians must accept responsibility for their fate...

from a column in the Financial Post
Until the nation rouses itself from its dreamy state of complacency and adopts a more mature approach to its governance, one of the highest taxed people in the industrialized world can look forward to paying yet one more tax: that of a lower C$, brought on by leaders who have not yet awakened to the political realities of a 21st-century economy.

from a column in the Financial Post