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Marvin Olasky

Editor of the Christian newsweekly World Magazine, professor of journalism at University of Texas, Austin. Author of Fighting for Liberty and Virtue (1995) and The Tragedy of American Compassion (1992), which provides a fine intellectual foundation for essential welfare reform.

Books by Marvin Olasky
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Fighting for Liberty and Virtue (1995)
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Tragedy of American Compassion, The (1992)
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The War on Poverty of the 1960s was a disaster not so much because of its new programs but because of their emphasis on entitlement rather than need.

1992 - from The Tragedy of American Compassion
We celebrate America as a compassionate, caring society. But most of us are actually stingy - not because we refuse to spend more government money (we're actually doing quite well there, thank you), but because we no longer offer the poor our time and a challenge. Our willingness to do so shows whether we care for hearts, minds, and souls, or just bodies - and, as a society, we fail the test.

1992 - from The Tragedy of American Compassion