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Susan Martinuk

Writer, broadcaster, columnist at Vancouver's The Province newspaper

Many [people] now believe public education has become largely unaccountable to those who have the most at stake in using it -- parents. The system's approach to issues such as homosexual conduct, sex education and religion have heightened concerns by parents that public education is imposing an alternative agenda on our children. But these issues are only a symptom of a much deeper problem in our education system -- the outright dismissal of teachings related to morality and virtue. In the past, public education played an important role in modelling and developing character and moral standards. This has steadily diminished over the past two decades and many parents and educators now encounter opposition and confusion over whether it is possible or even desirable to teach children about morality.

Oct. 1997 - from a column in Christian Info News
Less than a third of native children attended [Canadian parochial] schools. Yet they have seemingly become the root cause of all the poverty, alcoholism, suicide, and violence that exists on reserves today. ... The race to collect compensation now seeks to push the boundaries of victimhood even further. Claimants are set to proceed on a $2.4-billion class-action suit against a residential school in Ontario. They are claiming financial damages for plaintiffs who never even attended the school - yet claim their lives were destroyed because their parents did. ... Welcome to victimhood - the cash cow of our age.

Feb. 18, 1999 - from "Cashing In on Victimhood", published in Reader's Digest Magazine, originally published in the National Post
A fundamentally wrong assumption now governs our society: No one should have to endure difficult circumstances. Every aspect of our human situation has become the responsibility of society at large, and when one has a difficult life, one is instantly transformed into a victim of evil societal forces. Where there is difficulty, there is a victim; where there are victims, there must be compensation. ... Sadly, if we continue to rely on a monetary balm to heal every injustice, healing will eventually cease as we run out of the balm that heals.

Feb. 18, 1999 - from "Cashing In on Victimhood", published in Reader's Digest Magazine, originally published in the National Post