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Ilana Mercer

Freelance columnist located in Vancouver, British Columbia. Ms. Mercer can be contacted via e-mail regarding publication of her columns.

Click here for essays by Ilana Mercer
Like that other dubious abstraction, "the public good," national unity has become a totalitarian term, inimical to freedom. The human condition is simply too genuinely diverse to be able to unite nationally. For some, national unity is destined to be a coerced state of being: As soon as the pathology of an overreaching federal government starts to fuel that regional fever of freedom, governments let this ideological cobra out of its sack so that it can mesmerize citizens into submission.

Mar. 26, 2001 - from "In Canada Only the Mediocre Survive", published on LewRockwell.com
The CBC is an undisputed enemy of self-government. Its multimedia tendrils, nourished with taxpayer dollars, choke the national psyche and propogate the Nanny state.

Jun. 25, 2001 - from "The Aspers are not threatening free expression, the government is", published by Report Newsmagazine