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H. Northrop Frye

1912 - 1991

Literary critic and philosopher, author of Anatomy of Criticism (1957), The Great Code (1982), Words with Power (1990) and other works

History is the social memory of human experience...

1991 - from The Double Vision
... an open mind, to be sure, should be open at both ends, like the foodpipe, and have a capacity for excretion as well as intake.

1982 - from The Great Code
The central fact of Canadian history: the rejection of the American Revolution.

No human being or human institution is fit to be trusted with any temporal authority that is not subject to cancellation by some other authority.

1991 - from The Double Vision: Language and Meaning in Religion quoted in Famous Lasting Words by John Robert Columbo
If the world is becoming a global village, it will also take on the features of real village life, including cliques, lifelong feuds, and impassable social barriers.

Jul. 9, 1970 - from "Communications", published in The Listener