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Conrad Moffat Black

1944 -

Newspaper publishing magnate, publisher of Canada's National Post and other fine papers

I'm not convinced that it is really possible to achieve much in Canadian politics, because of the way itís set up and the jurisdictions are so divided between the federal and provincial governments...

from an interview with Pamela Wallin for the Meeting of Minds series at Chapters.ca
Providentially, the world became more accessible for me as Canada became less commodious.

1993 - from A Life in Progress
The greatest lesson I learned from my school days was admiration for those who endured and persevered with quiet dignity in a system that was unfriendly or even unjust to them. The heroes of school days were not those who excelled at what came easily to them, even less those who rebelled, the group of which I was merely a notorious exemplar. The heroes were those who tried, who survived adversity, and who by trying and surviving strngthened their characters. It took me some years to appreciate this.

1993 - from A Life in Progress
... the malaise of our free press [is] the irresponsible power of journalists, unrestrained by publishers.

May 19, 1988 - from a column in The Financial Post
Canadian media [are] irresponsible, narcissistic, self-righteously biased, unqualified to exercise the power they have, over-indulged... by owners afraid to offer any ethical direction.

Jul. 18, 1989 - from a letter published in The Financial Post
...the Canadian media [has a] predilection for behaving like a rampaging industrial union while pretending absurdly to be a learned profession.

1993 - from A Life in Progress
It is... one of the well-springs of the pervasive Canadian spirit of envy that the success of a person implies the failure or exploitation of someone else. ... The destructive fixation of the envious English-Canadian mind requires that the highest, happiest, most agile flyers be laid low. [It is] a sadistic desire corroded by soul-destroying envy, to intimidate all those who might aspire to anything the slightest exceptional.

1993 - from A Life in Progress
More than 90% of Canadians live within 100 miles of the border [with the United States]; and 85% of foreign trade is with the U.S. - about 42% of GDP.

Dec. 1, 2000 - from a column in the National Post
The Canadian dollar, in 40 years, has gone from US$1.04 to US$0.64. We have gone from being the second most prosperous country after the U.S., to the 18th. The Liberals, principle authors of this descent, have ... successfully represented their conception of national identity as sacred and any derogation from it as "extreme." Canadians are seduced by assurances of the superiority of their society, and of Canada's prestige in the United Nations.

Dec. 1, 2000 - from a column in the National Post
Over the last 40 years, Canada has tried to define itself as gentler than the U.S. This initially meant universal medicare and strict gun control, but expanded to mean a process of taking money form people who have earned it and redistributing it to people who haven't, more or less in exchange for their votes. Canada is the only country that has enshrined regional economic equality as a constitutional objective, thus committing itself to the impossible proposition of moving resources to people instead of the other way around.

Dec. 1, 2000 - from a column in the National Post
The French and Germans, for notoriously well-known historic reasons, have social safety nets that have effectively become hammocks.

Jul. 09, 1998 - from his lecture "Britain's Final Choice, Europe or America", delivered at the London-based Center for Policy Studies
Educational egalitarianism teaches that the student who knows nothing is just as good and worthy of a hearing as the one who knows something.

1981 - from Confessions, Totem Books, Toronto
[On Canadian journalists who privately support his free-market views] I don't much care about being mis-type cast, but I'm getting a little tired of wrestling with the entire Canadian left-wing media myself while thousands of publicity-shy well-wishers offer to hold my coat.

Jul. 18, 1989 - from a letter to The Financial Post
Canada, whose distinctiveness from the northern American states is fairly tenuous, has lost no additional sovereignty after entering into the free trade agreement that resulted in over 40% of Canada's G.N.P. being derived from trade with the US. This is more than four times the percentage of British GNP taken up by trade with the EU, but Canada suffers none of the jurisdictional intrusions that are routine in the British march to Eurofederalism.

Jul. 09, 1998 - from his lecture "Britain's Final Choice, Europe or America", delivered at the London-based Center for Policy Studies
At the end of the Trudea era, Canada was the only country in the world besides North Korea to have outlawed private medicine, and current political wisdom blames successor governments for the health care disaster created twenty years ago.

1997 - from "Taking Canada Seriously", published in International Journal, quoted in Famous Lasting Words by John Robert Columbo
'Caring and compassion' really meant socialism, wealth confiscation and redistribution, taking money from people who had earned it and giving it to people who had not earned it in exchange for their votes and in the name of fairness. Here, truly, Canada has vastly exceeded the United States... 'Caring and compassion,' however well-intentioned, would more accurately be called plundering and bribery... For decades, too many of our business leaders mouthed self-reliant and ruggedly individualistic platitudes while lining up for government preferments like the locusts of feminism and multiculturalism, and the kleptocracy of organized labor.

May 22, 1992 - from a column in the Financial Post
Our countrymen have been failed by their academic, journalistic, and bureaucratic elites, who sold them the myth of the 'caring and compassionate' society. This is a euphemism for what has become a ruinously exaggerated process of taking money from those who have earned it and giving it to those who haven't. The nationality... has acquiesced, indeed wallowed, in this flimflam for 30 years...

Aug. 13, 1991 - from a column in the Financial Post
Canada effectively created a political ethos of official pandering and a society of addicts to government largesse... Each new category arose, became vocal, and was pandered to... Native people have a federal government department whose budget is now over $12,000 for every designated man, woman and child in the country.

May 22, 1992 - from a column in the Financial Post