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The words of 1640 people are here on conservativeforum.org in essays and/or in quotations from their writing or speaking. We publish the sensible ideas, and a few nonsensical ideas, of people of various political stripes.

Locate authors using the alphabetical links below, or browse our Essays and Quotations sections to find them.

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  Walden, Brian Waugh, Auberon White, Jeff Wilson, Michael 
  Walden, George Waugh, Evelyn Whitehead, Alfred Wilson, Robert 
  Walesa, Lech Weaver, Richard Whitelaw, William Wilson, Woodrow 
  Wallace, George Weber, Mark Whittier, John Wilson-Smith, Anthony 
  Wallace, Jonathan Webster, Daniel Whitton, Charlotte Winch, Harold 
  Wallenda, Karl Webster, Noah Whyte, Kenneth Windsor Star 
  Walsh, David Webster, Norman Wicker, Tom Winne, Ross 
  Walsh, Mary Weidenbaum, Murray Wicks, M. Winters, Robert 
  Wappel, Tom Weil, Simone Widdecombe, Ann Wiseman, Jack 
  Ward, Lester Welch, Jack Wiesel, Elie Wodehouse, Paul 
  Warhola, J. Weld, William Wiggins, A.J. Wolfe, Alan 
  Warnock, Geoffrey Wellington, Duke of Wilde, Oscar Wolfe, Claire 
  Warren, Earl Wells, Andy Wilder, Billy Wong, Eva 
  Warren, Josiah Wells, H.G. Wilder, Scott Woodard, Joe 
  Warshow, Robert Wells, Jon Wilkie, Wendell Woodcock, George 
  Washington, Booker Wells, Paul Will, George Wooden, John 
  Washington, George West, Thomas Williams, Polly Woodman, Cousin 
  Watson, Paul Westmoreland, William Williams, Walter Woodson, Carter 
  Watson, William Wharton, Edith Wilson, Edmund Wordsworth, William 
  Watt, William Whately, Richard Wilson, Flip Wright, Frances 
  Watterson, Bill Wheaton, William Wilson, Harold Wriston, Walter 
  Watts, J.C. White, E.B. Wilson, James