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The words of 1640 people are here on conservativeforum.org in essays and/or in quotations from their writing or speaking. We publish the sensible ideas, and a few nonsensical ideas, of people of various political stripes.

Locate authors using the alphabetical links below, or browse our Essays and Quotations sections to find them.

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  Fairbrother, Nan Flanagan, Tom France, Anatole Frost, Robert 
  Fairchild, Henry Foch, Ferdinand Francis, Diane Froude, James 
  Falkland, Lord Fonte, John Frank, Laurence Frum, David 
  Farmers' Almanac Foot, Richard Frankfurt, Harry Fry, Hedy 
  Farrar, Don Forbes, Malcom Frankfurter, Felix Frye, Northrop 
  Farrugia, Alastair Forbes, Steve Franklin, Benjamin Fukuyama, Francis 
  Faulkner, William Ford, Gerald Fraser, Matthew Fulbright, William 
  Feynman, Richard Ford, Henry Fraser Commission Fulford, Robert 
  Field, Fraser Forgay, Warren Fraser Institute Fuller, Buckminster 
  Field, Oliver Forster, E.M. Freeman, Tim Fuller, Margaret 
  Fielding, Henry Fosdick, Harry French, Marilyn Fuller, Max 
  Finlay, J. Richard Foster, Peter Friedenberg, Edgar Fuller, Thomas 
  Finn, Chester Foucault, Michel Friedman, Milton Furedy, John 
  Fisher, Douglas Fowler, Mark Friendly, Fred Fylstra, Dan 
  Fitton, Lesley Fox, Bill Fritz, Marshall  
  Fitzgerald, F. Scott Fox, Charles Fromm, Erich  
  Fitzgerald, Garrett Fox, Terry Frost, David