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The words of 1640 people are here on conservativeforum.org in essays and/or in quotations from their writing or speaking. We publish the sensible ideas, and a few nonsensical ideas, of people of various political stripes.

Locate authors using the alphabetical links below, or browse our Essays and Quotations sections to find them.

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  Caball, James Castaneda, Carlos Clark, Glen Cook, Ramsay 
  Cabell, James B. Cato, Marcus Clark, Joe Coolidge, Calvin 
  Cable, Howard Cattell, Raymond Clark, John Cools, Anne 
  Caesar, Julius Cavazos, Lauro Clark, Thomas Cooper, James 
  Callaghan, Morley Chafee, Zechariah Clarke, Ann Corcoran, Terence 
  Callwood, June Chambers, Whittaker Clarke, Arthur Corey, Peter 
  Camp, Dalton Champion, Chris Clarke, James Corinthians 10:29 
  Campanella, Tommaso Chan, Raymond Clarkson, Adrienne Corn-Revere, Robert 
  Campbell, Charles Chandler, Martha Clausewitz, Karl Corwin, Norman 
  Campbell, Kim Chandler, Raymond Clay, Henry Cotton, John 
  Campbell, W.W. Channing, William Cleveland, Grover Coulter, Ann 
  Camus, Albert Chapin, Edwin Clinton, Hillary Covey, Stephen 
  Canadian Bill of Rights Chapman, John Clinton, William Cowper, William 
  Canadian Broadcast Standards Council Chapman, Maria Cloud, Michael Coxe, Donald 
  Capouya, Emile Chapman, Steve Cobbett, William Coyne, Andrew 
  Capp, Al Char, René Cobden, Richard Crane, Edward 
  Cardozo, Benjamin Chard, Donald Coffin, Charles Craven, Bill 
  Carey, Drew Charen, Mona Cohen, Dian Creighton, Bishop 
  Carey, George Chartier, Emile Colbert, Jean Creighton, Donald 
  Carlson, Allan Chase, Ilka Colen, Alexandra Croce, Benedetto 
  Carlson, Margaret Chateaubriand, Francois Coleridge, Hartley Crombie, David 
  Carlson, Mary Cheney, Lynne Coleridge, Samuel Cronbach, Lee 
  Carlyle, Thomas Chesterfield, Philip Collins, Gary Cronkite, Walter 
  Carman, Bliss Chesterton, G.K. Collison, John Crosbie, John 
  Carmichael, Stokely Chigbo, Okey Colson, Charles Crowfoot, Chief 
  Carnegie, Andrew Chipeur, Gerald Colton, Charles Crowley, Brian 
  Carnegie, Dale Chisolm, Brock Columbo, John Cummings, E.E. 
  Carroll, Lewis Chomsky, Noam Comer, William Cuomo, Mario 
  Carter, Hodding Chrétien, Jean Commager, Henry Curran, John 
  Carter, Jimmy Churchill, Charles Conant, James Curtis, Benjamin 

  Cartwright, Nancy Churchill, Winston Confucius Curtis, Montgomery 
  Carver, George Chwialkowska, Luiza Connolly, Cyril Custine, Marquis de 
  Cary, Lucius Ciardi, John Conrad, Joseph  
  Casselman, Leah Cicero, Marcus Constitution of the U.S.S.R.