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The Canadian Conservative Forum (conservativeforum.org) exists to encourage the development and dissemination of ideas concerning the principles and traditions of a free and ordered society.

conservativeforum.org is not affiliated with any political party or religious group. It is the creation of a disparate collection of academics, journalists, authors, and activists whose views range from conservatism to libertarianism.

conservativeforum.org is visited by tens of thousands of people every month, from every part of the world. Its aim is to provide students, writers and activists with free resources to expand the scope, authority, and reach of their own efforts to stall the fascism of modern "liberals", and to promote the concepts of freedom and order that made western civilization great.

conservativeforum.org includes collections of essays, quotations, and links from Canada and around the world. To submit essays to be considered for publication on this site, please see the guidelines for submission on the Submissions page. To suggest quotations or links, write to Mark Magner at


We will not retain or use your e-mail address if you write to us.