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Links shown with are not reliably conservative.
'Lectric Law Library
American legal library
Access to Justice Network  
Links to Canadian legal resources including statutes, case law, legal news and other documents
American Political Science Association
Association of Educators in Private Practice
Information about charter schools, private schools, Internet education, & more
Australian Conservative Politics
Banned Books On-Line
Brief banning anecdotes & links to full text of banned books
Bertrand Russell Archives  
McMaster University's comprehensive collection of Russell works
Blue Eagle Commentary
Links to 365 columnists of varied political stripes
Canadian Confederation  
Historical documents, timelines, maps, etc. from the National Library
Canadian Constitutional Documents  
McMaster U. collection of documents

Canadian Political Science Association  
Information & links relating to political science study
Canadian Politics Online Resource Guide  
Good links to official & serious resources
Center for Defense Information
American military spending & other info - often critical of defense spending
Center for the Study of Popular Culture
At the forefront of neoconservatism
Center of the American Experiment
"Minnesota's Conservative Think Tank"
Brief essays from the "centrist, conservative, and libertarian" points of view
Child & Family Canada  
100's of articles from 46 non-profit child welfare agencies, not always conservative
Citizen's Council of Canada  
Promotes initiative, referenda, and recall; includes info about corporate "welfare"
Citizens Research Institute  
Family-oriented legal support organization
Site for CIVITAS, an international group promoting civic education (not to be confused with Civitas, the Canadian conservative society). Site includes full text of important U.S. historical documents and other useful material.

Conservative Bookstore
Online bookstore plus news, reviews, features, and The Conservative Monitor
Conservative Digest
Links, digests, discussion groups, more
Conservative Internet Forum
Constitution Society, The
Voluminous library of material on constitutional republican government - a great resource!
Council for Canadian Unity  
Canadian data & opinions, not just on unity
Critiques of Femnism
Dead Economists Society
Drug Library
Links to a handful of comprehensive sites on drug policy reform
Elections Around the World
Current electoral results & more from around the world
Essays on Politics
Small collection of interesting classic & contemporary essays

Federal Royal Commission Reports  
Full text of the reports of many (all?)
Fedworld Information Network
U.S. government information search engine
Freedom Foundation of Canada  
New site - links to topical news & other sites, discussion, & opinion
G.K. Chesterton
Full text of many of Chesterton's works, plus a biography, pictures, and many related links
G.K. Chesterton "The Colossal Genius"
Collection of outstanding links to full-text resources, biographies, criticism, and more
An outstanding source of information about Friedrich Hayek and his work
Health Care Resources on the Web
Links to U.S. federal, state, and hospital information
Herbert Hoover Presidential Library
Offers a biography, pictures and descriptions of the library's collections, but articles, speeches, etc. by Hoover are not online
History Channel - Speeches  
Listen to famous speeches from history

History of Economic Thought
Includes synopses of schools of economic thought, major architects and authors, online books and essays, links and other resources
History of Economic Thought - McMaster University  
Online text of many classic economics essays and books, plus biographies and more
Home School Legal Defense Association
Thorough and well-organized site devoted to American home-schooling issues
Idea Channel  
Wide-ranging collection of interviews with leading thinkers
Initiative and Referendum Institute
For our reformer friends, a great resource
International Council for Canadian Studies  
Links to groups promoting Canadian studies around the world
International Foundation for Election Systems
Current information about elections around the world
Internet Classics Archive
Full text of classics by Aristotle, Epictetus, Plato, and others
Jesus Christ Foundation
Huge collection of mostly-Christian links
John Fitzgerald Kennedy Presidential Library
Speeches, photographs, biographical and historical information, and more

John M. Ashbrook Center for Public Affairs
Scholarly defense of liberty, limited government, and civic morality
Jurist: The Law Professor's Network
American, with international connections
Laissez Faire Books
"The anti-state, anti-war, pro-market news site" published by the Center for Libertarian Studies
Law library at University of Montreal links to other legal resources, including full texts of court decisions
Liberty Search
Libman's World
Libraries on the Web - Canada
Long list of links to Canadian libraries

Library of Economics and Liberty
Outstanding resource offering the complete text of classic books and essays, as well as many serious contemporary essays
Lysander Spooner
Complete text of Spooner essays and letters, plus biography, photos and links to other Spooner sites
Machiavelli Online
Love him or hate him, a thorough resource
Margaret Thatcher
Collected articles and speeches by Dame Thatcher, plus historical and biographical notes
Margaret Thatcher Site (Unofficial)
Biography, quotations, pictures, audio clips and more
Marty Winn's Political Page
Collection of often-interesting American political links
Memory Hole
Extensive archive of libertarian essays
Metropolis Project
Scholarly, if not conservative, studies of immigration
Michael Oakeshott Association
Good resource for information about the obscure-but-important philosopher
Mothers at Home
Resources & information for stay-at-home mothers

National Library - Information Links  
No Sacred Cows
A library of libertarian articles and links
Noam Chomsky Archive
Essays, letters, book excerpts, audio clips
Nockian Society
Preserving the ideas & work of Albert Jay Nock
Non-Statist FAQ
Effort to explain libertarianism by answering frequently asked questions
Nova Civitas
Belgian classical liberal political club - interesting links, other resources coming (11/99)
Peter Niemczak's Research Page  
Links to Canadian sites for courts, banks, government, others
Philomod Model - An Introduction
Philosophy and Civil Society
Essays exploring "what comes after post-modern democracy?"
Political Contact Links from Canadian Lawyer  
Easy way to contact, or get contact info for, federal and provincial politicians

Political Philosophy Page
Thorough collection of links to other sites
Political Resources on the Net
Political Science Resources
Political Science Resources
Methodology, philosophy, links, and more
Political Theory (from Carnegie Mellon U. server)
Good classic & contemporary writings
Politico's Bookstore
One of the world's few political bookstores, in London, England
Large collection of links plus candidate profiles, news, & other U.S. political information
US Parties, candidates, issues, & campaigns
Non-partisan site exposes abuses of American government handouts and corporate welfare, regardless of the political stripes involved
Prime Ministers of Canada  
Biographies, pictures, anecdotes - good site

Prime Ministers of Canada (Schoolnet)  
Biographies, pictures, speeches
Public Affairs Web
Huge resource for U.S. political action info
Ralph Waldo Emerson  
Complete works as well as links to various other useful resources
Reagan Information Interchange
Michael Reagan's (son of Ronald) radio show site plus news, articles, links
Regulatory Policy Center
Articles & bibliography for intellectual & property rights issues
Resources for the Future
Right Gallery
Right Minds
Good links collection & some commentary
Right Side of the Web

A large and well-organized collection of conservative links
Ronald Reagan Presidential Library
Offers a very small online sampling of the President's letters and memos
Russell Kirk Heritage Lectures
Russell Kirk Web Site
Schoolnet digital collections  
Vast collection of Canadiana by federal gov't
Solon Law Archive  
Constitution docs, + some statutes & treaties
Statistics Canada  
Szasz Cybercenter for Liberty and Responsibility
Ethical considerations in medicine & in life
Copius U.S. legislative information

Thomas Jefferson Online Resources
Voluminous resource at University of Virginia
Toward Tradition
Resources to fight public education's anti-religious, humanist tide, including information about school choice and a reproducible pamphlet promoting it.
Popular and voluminous conservative site
Traditionalist Conservative Page
Links to various resources, & FAQ lists
U.S. Census Bureau
Comprehensive statistics about our neighbours to the south
U.S. Constitution Online
Full text, plus FAQs, biographies, other resources
U.S. Federal Web Site Locator
U.S. Founding Documents
Constitution, Bill of Rights, Declaration of Independence
U.S. Library of Congress
Ultimate Pro-Life Resource List
News and links

United States Justice Foundation
"A conservative voice in the courts since 1979"
Vanier Institute of the Family  
Authoritative essays & studies on social & political factors affecting family life
Interesting writings, often about immigration policy, by Peter Brimelow & friends
American political news, Power Top 100 in the U.S., and other diversions
Web Sites of National Parliaments
Links to the Web sites of more than 100 governments
Winston Churchill Center & Societies
Great site including biographical and historical information and essays about Churchill, links to much more
World Constitutions
Full English text of constitutions from over 20 countries