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Links shown with are not reliably conservative.
CNN's political newsmagazine
American Political Science Review
Abstracts of recent and current issues, plus links to archives
American Spectator
Top conservative magazine, site offers lots of online reading
Arts & Letters Daily  
A vast cornucopia of philosophy, literature, criticism, and other diversions
Barquentine Ventures Online Journal  
A library of thoughtful essays by Charles Moore
A cornucopia, including interesting essays
British Columbia Free Press  
Independent news & opinion webzine
BuildFreedom.com - Free World Order
One of the most comprehensive libertarian sites on the Web
Canada Speaks  
Speeches by Canadian prime ministers
Canadian Economic Indicators  

Canadian Foreign Policy  
Index and abstracts from the scholarly journal
Canadian Human Rights Reporter  
Summaries of significant human rights cases
Canadian Journal of Political Science  
Abstracts of essays from a respected journal
Canadian Libertarian  
Canadian Online Explorer - Columnists  
Canadian Parliamentary Review  
Essays on parliamentary practice
Capitalism & Capitalism Magazine  
Promoting laissez-faire capitalism & Capitalism Magazine
City Journal
Smart analysis of urban issues and problems
Commentary Magazine
Publishing conservative opinion for 50 years
Common Conservative
"Practical conservatism for the common man"

Conservative Generation X
Conservative Times
Interesting even while under construction
Conservative Voice
News, commentary, and links for conservatives
Could Do Better  
Ontario education system, by parent reformers
Critical Review
Once libertarian, now ???, interesting, site offers abstracts only
Daily Outrage
Daily Republican
Venerable and entertaining, if not always right, comic strip
Drudge Report
Links to news & columns, online radio, & Drudge's own columns
American political news & commentary

Eagle Forum
Fine and voluminous site by Phyllis Schlafly's pro-family, anti-femnist, anti-big-government Eagle Forum
New site (still evolving) with news, chat, links
Enter Stage Right  
A very good news and commentary magazine
Ethical Spectacle  
Explores ethics, law, and government from many points of view
Federalist Digest
First Things
A journal of religion in public life
Flummery Digest
Extensive collection of nuggets of government silliness
Free Inquiry
Published by the Council for Secular Humanism
Freedom Daily - Future of Freedom Foundation
Freedom Forum
Current news related to free speech & free press issues

Freeman, The
Publisher of economic & political ideas for over 40 years
Frontpage Magazine
A publication of David Horowitz' Center for the Study of Popular Culture
Small collection of interesting essays
"A journal of social issues"
Independent Review
Journal of political economy
Index on Censorship
Bi-monthly magazine promoting free speech
Intellectual Capital
Voluminous weekly e-zine, not reliably conservative but often interesting
Interim, The  
"Canada's pro-life, pro-family newspaper online"
Issues and Views
Conservative blacks speak out against "equity" policies, promote free speech, & more
Jewish World Review
Insightful columns and other writing

Junk Science
Solid debunking of liberal science myths
Kosser Education Newsletter
Criticism of public education, includes many useful documents, links and a few quotations
Laissez Faire City
Libertarian Enterprise
Libertarian Heritage
Libertarianism: A Primer
Excerpts from the David Boaz book
Liberty Free Press  
Wide-ranging weekly publication of columns and essays
Liberty Fund, Inc.
Publisher of contemporary & classic work
Liberty Haven
A vast collection of articles
Liberty Issues

Liberty Magazine
Hard-core libertarian magazine, often more political than philosophical
Commentary and news stories from the libertarian side
Media By-Pass
Monthly journal & for-pay e-zine
National Interest
Foreign policy & other issues from an American conservative viewpoint
National Post - Commentary  
Direct to the Post's columns
National Review
The American Alberta Report
New American
Web presence of the bi-weekly newsmagazine, offering lots of news & commentary
New Australian
Good, with a slant towards Austrian economics
New Australian

New Criterion, The  
Critical reviews of high culture and the arts
New Libertarian
Next City  
Thoughtful commentary by excellent writers
One If By Congress, Two If By White House
An eclectic e-zine of Jeffersonian conservatism
Political satire
Opinion Inc.
Phyllis Schlafly Report
Policy Review
A Heritage Foundation journal, and a very good resource for activists
Wide-ranging political news & information
Political Insider
U.S. political news, links, not stringently conservative

Politics Canada  
Proceedings of the Friesian School
Interesting exploration of contemporary political philosophies
Progressive Review
Opinionated political commentary, not completely liberal (despite the name)
Public Opinion Quarterly
Includes a huge bibliography of research into public opinion & polling
Quackgrass Press  
One man's views on religion and culture presented in an often-interesting, though often dogmatic, presentation of essays
Reason Online
Voluminous and interesting - one of the best libertarian sites on the Web
Region - Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis
A bank?! Yes, publisher of interviews with esteemed economists
Report Magazine  
Canada's own National Review
Right Magazine

Ronald Reagan
Good site! His words and details of his accomplishments
Social Critic
State of Disunion
A 1996 scholarly study of American politics
The War On Drugs Is Lost
William F. Buckley's critique
Transaction Publishers
Leading publisher of social science literature, with a rich list of conservative titles
A home for the intellectually heterodox
Wednesday on the Web
Weekly Standard
Published by Irving Kristol's son William
World and I Magazine
World Climate Report
Science & political science of the global climate

Worldnet Daily
U.S. daily news & commentary from the right