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Political Links
ACT New Zealand
New Zealand's controversial political party
BBC's UK Politics
Political news from England
Campaigns and Elections Magazine
U.S. magazine devoted to the science and art of political campaigns
Canadian Alliance
The Canadian Reform Conservative Alliance, Canada's newest political force
Conservative Party of Britain
Speeches, news, current campaigns, and more
Freedom Party of Ontario  
Web portal for the U.S. Republican party
Excerpts from the book Gritlock, which analyzes the Canadian Liberal Party's perennial grip on power and proposes an alternative
Harry Browne for President
Libertarian Party leader and presidential hopeful
Political news and commentary presented by a Canadian government relations firm, Hillwatch Inc.

Libertarian Party (U.S.)
Good articles on election campaign organization
No Break Tax Break Opposition Web Site
Detailed info on effects of Liberal taxation & on the Opposition's flat tax proposal
One Nation (Australia)
Check Policy section for approaches to familiar concerns
Ontario Family Coalition Party  
Ontario's fourth-largest provincial political party
PC Party of Ontario  
Politics Online
Ideas, tools, and news about use of the Internet in modern politics
Politics Watch  
A good political portal offering wide-ranging links to political news and commentary along with a little material of its own
Reform Party (U.S.)
Republican Liberty Caucus