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Links shown with are not reliably conservative.
Advocacy Organizations
Advocates for Self-Government
Rambling, popular, libertarian site
Alabama Family Alliance
"All public policy is family policy"
Alberta Civil Society Association  
Good essays by Senator-elect Ted Morton & others
Alexis de Tocqueville Institution
For civil liberty, political equality, and economic freedom
America's Future
Free enterprise and constitutional government
American Civil Rights Institute
"Race has no place in American life or law"
American Conservative Union
Preserving American founding principles
American Family Association
Schools, pornography, culture, abortion, and other issues
American Legislative Exchange Council
Legislators advocating Jeffersonian principles in law
Americans Against Discrimination & Preferences
News and information concerning affirmative action, race, gender, and related topics

Association of Libertarian Femnists
Newsletter and a few links
Business-Industry Political Action Committee
Promoting pro-business political candidates, sponsor of Voter.com
California Public Policy Foundation
Interesting, and not exclusively Californian
Californians Against Discrimination & Preferences
Promoters of Proposition 209, which outlawed affirmative action
Campaign for Working Families
Second-largest lobby group in the U.S.!
Canada Family Action Coalition  
Defending & promoting Judeo-Christian principles in Canada
Canada West Foundation  
Canadian Civil Liberties Association  
Canada’s civil liberties watchdog
Canadian Foundation for Drug Policy
Very good library & links related to the failures of the war on drugs
Canadian Monarchist Online  
Information & news to assist in defending the monarchy & its Canadian role

Canadian Taxpayers Federation  
National advocacy of taxpayer issues
Canadians for Direct Democracy  
Referendum advocacy group, lots of material & links to other resources
Center for Democracy and Technology
Defending personal liberty for users of emerging technology
Center for Individual Rights
Pro individual rights & civil rights, anti "affirmative action"
Center for the Advancement of Paleo Orthodoxy
Commentary on politics, ethics, economics from a biblical perspective
Center for the Defense of Free Enterprise
Educating people of all ages about free markets and economics
Center for the New West
Economic & political ideas from and for Western North America
Center for Voting and Democracy
Voting systems & effects on participation, governance & representation
Character Counts
Promoting the Six Pillars of Character: trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring and citizenship
Promoting constitutional reform in Britain, interesting articles on democracy's problems and possible solutions

Citizens Council on Health Care
Minnesota-based group advocating choice and privacy in health care
Citizens for a Sound Economy
Grassroots organization promoting economic freedom
Coalition on Urban Renewal and Eduction
Promoting self-reliance, morality and responsibility in inner city families
Concerned Women for America
Good watchdog promoting family values
Concord Coalition
Promoting a balanced federal budget, includes U.S. budget details
Conservative Caucus
Restore America to constitutionally limited government
Council for Government Reform
Smaller government, welfare reform
Defenders of Property Rights
Legal foundation devoted to protecting rights
Drug Policy Foundation
Promoting alternatives to the costly and failing war on drugs
Electronic Frontier Canada  
Canadian defender of Internet liberties

Electronic Frontier Foundation
American defender of Internet liberties
Empower America
Education reform, tax reform, monetary reform
Families Against Internet Censorship
Family Research Council
The activist arm of James Dobson's Focus on Family
Fathers Are Capable Too  
Focus on parental custody & access issues, lots of good stuff debunking femnist myths
Federalist Society
Conservative & libertarian legal reform
Free Congress Foundation
Not only politically conservative, but also culturally conservative
Frontiers of Freedom Institute
Promotes constitutional limits on government
Health Policy Reform  
Exploring options for reforming the Canadian health care system
Independent Women's Forum
Women supporting individual freedom and personal responsibility

Institute for American Liberty
Defending the principles of the founding fathers of the U.S.
Institute for Civil Society
New site (11/99) offering future promise - keep checking this one!
Institute for Private Enterprise
Wisdom from down under - more wide-ranging than its name suggests
Intercollegiate Studies Institute
Internet Privacy Coalition
Promoting strong encryption and privacy on the Internet
John Birch Society
Josephson Institute of Ethics
"to improve the ethical quality of society by advocating principled reasoning and ethical decision making"
Judicial Watch
Watching for radicalism and liberalism in U.S. court proceedings
Liberty Matters
Lifesite Canada  
Includes The Impact, a pro-life/pro-family online journal

Lincoln Heritage Institute
Promo site only, little to read, but useful contacts
Lockesmith Institute
Exploring classical liberalism
Media Awareness Project
Monarchist League  
National Association of Scholars
National Citizens Coalition  
Probing watchdog & tough critic of governments, unions, & others who encroach on freedom
National Coalition of Free Men
Information about how sex discrimination affects men
National Legal and Policy Center
Promoting ethics in gov't - good right-to-work resources
National Wilderness Institute
A voice of reason on environmental issues
Of the People
Parental rights advocacy

Parents Television Council
"Bringing responsibility to the entertainment industry"
Privacy Page
Promoting individual privacy & exposing interventions of same
Progressive Group for Independent Business  
Promoting equality, property rights, democratic reform, workfare, tax relief, and more
Put Parents In Charge
Education reformers, including advocates of school choice
Real Women of Canada  
Rutherford Institute
Civil liberty legal & educational foundation
Small Business Survival Committee
Articles & information of international interest
Society for Academic Freedom and Scholarship  
Tax Foundation
Tax Reform Now!

Taxpayers for Common Sense
Independent taxpayers watchdog scrutinizing government spending in the U.S.
An antidote for the ravings of American feminists
Thomas Jefferson Center for the Protection of Free Expression
Devoted solely to the protection of free expression
Today Foundation
Texas-based group with interests in education, criminal justice and tax reform
Vote Our Values
U.S. Senator Ashcroft's "New Beginnings" site
Women's Freedom Network
A sensible viewpoint on femnism and gender discrimination
Work Research Foundation  
Independent research institution studies work, competitiveness, unions, jobs, right to work
Young America's Foundation
Programs directed at youth, promoting freedom, free enterprise, and traditional values
Young Americans for Freedom