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Public Policy Resources
Alliance for Redesigning Government  
The foxes' wisdom on how to fix the henhouse!
Cascade Policy Institute
Centre for Policy Studies
An interesting site representing this British think tank
Employment Policies Institute
Info about minimum wage laws & other employment issues
Ethics and Public Policy Center
Excellent material for thinking conservatives
Frontier Centre for Public Policy  
Interesting papers on new approaches to medicare, public transit, rural and farm decline and more
Institute for Policy Innovation
Institute for Research on Public Policy  
Josiah Bartlett Center for Public Policy
Fact-based research of state and local issues, with the spirit of New Hampshire
Mackinac Center for Public Policy
Policy from free-market principles, tendency to focus on Michigan

National Center for Public Policy Research
Pioneer Institute for Public Policy Research
Massacheusetts-based alternatives in social & economic policy
Purports to include all points of view on public policy issues in sixteen important policy areas - lots of interesting links
UK-based resource for 1,000+ public policy research papers, including work by Scruton, Oakeshott, Burke
Reason Public Policy Institute
From the Reason Foundation
Texas Public Policy Foundation
Research papers in education, environment, government efficiency, & more
Urban Renaissance Institute  
Sensible articles promoting urban policies which foster thriving, sustainable city regions