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Links shown with are not reliably conservative.
Education Reformers
Accuracy in Academia
Combating politically-correct movements in academia
Annenburg Institute for School Reform
A program of Brown University
Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development  
Professional development for educators - includes sound ideas about accountability
Center for Education Reform
Center for Educational Innovation
An offshoot of the influential Manhattan Institute
Center for School Change
A program of the Hubert Humphrey Institute of Public Affairs
Charter School Research Project
Charter School Resource Center
A program of the Pioneer Institute
Citizens for Responsible Education Reform
Conservative Education Forum
An eclectic assortment of interesting links

Edmund Burke School
A private school founded on & instilling Burkian principles
Education Consumers Clearing House
Interesting free articles on education reform offered by this for-profit site
Education Consumers ClearingHouse
Wide array of information, some on a subscription basis
Education Policy Institute
Education Reform
Small collection of articles describing familiar problems & reform ideas
Educational Excellence Network
A superb resource provided by the Fordham Foundation
News from all over about new approaches to education
Institute for Education Reform
Includes information about charter schools
Curriculum and tools for home schooling, an initiative led by ex-Education Secretary of the U.S., William J. Bennett
Klingenstein Center for Independent School Education
A program of Columbia University

Milton & Rose D. Friedman Foundation for Education Choice
Links, FAQ, articles, and contact resources for school choice advocates
New York Charter School Resource Center
No Excuses
Promoting direct instruction and measured achievement in public schools
Organization for Quality Education  
Ontario-based education reformers
Separation of School and State Alliance
Advocates removing government from elementary & secondary education
U.S. Charter Schools
Links to schools, discussion groups, other resources