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Links shown with are not reliably conservative.
News Sources
British Columbia Free Press
Sensible political reporting and criticism, usually focused on B.C.
Coverage of activities of the American Congress and Senate
Calgary Herald    
Canada Newswire  
Canadian Broadcasting Corporation - Main Portal    
News-full portal provides links to CBC Newsworld, Radio, & Television
CANOE - Canadian Online Explorer News  
Current headlines, links to stories at source
Conservative News Service
CPAC - Canadian Parliamentary Channel  
Links, video, program schedules, and more
Daily Gleaner  
Fredericton, New Brunswick, daily

Free Citizen Online
Links to news stories on various fronts, with an American slant
Globe & Mail  
The waning "national" daily
Halifax Daily News  
Halifax Herald  
Hill Times  
Good coverage of Canada's legislature & government
Leader Post  
Saskatchewan's largest newspaper, published in Regina
Great synopses of news for right-thinking people, with links to full stories elsewhere
Maclean's Magazine    
Canada's weekly newsmagazine
Montreal Gazette  
Montreal's English-language daily

National Post  
Canada's very fine national daily
New York Times  
American news with a conservative spin
North Shore News  
Community newspaper in North and West Vancouver, often includes sensible commentary
Nunatsiaq News  
Serving the far north from Iqaluit
Ottawa Citizen  
Reuters News Agency
Roll Call  
News and commentary related to the U.S. Congress and its denizens
Southam's News Café  
Links to many Southam-owned papers & their headline stories
Good up-to-the-minute foreign news

St. John's, Newfoundland, daily
Collected news articles from a wide array of sources, not always conservative
Toronto Star    
Toronto's resolutely liberal/socialist daily
USA Today
Vancouver Province  
Sister paper to the Vancouver Sun
Vancouver Sun  
Sister paper to the Vancouver Province
Washington Post  
Winnipeg Free Press  
Yukon News  
Serving the Northwest Territories from Whitehorse