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Links shown with are not reliably conservative.
Research Institutes
Acton Institute
Free society sustained by religious principle
Adam Smith Institute
Economic wisdom from the 18th century mingling with wise voices from today
Allegheny Institute
Free-market research with a Pennsylvania focus, good urban-issue resource
American Council for Capital Formation
Studies economic barriers in taxes, and environmental and trade policies
American Council on Science and Health
American Enterprise Institute
Lots of facts to back up conservative ideas and opinions
American Institute for Full Employment
Researches and promotes alternatives to welfare for unemployed workers
Atlantic Institute for Market Studies  
Atlas Economic Research Foundation
Supports, encourages, and helps coordinate the activities of a number of free-market research organizations
Ayn Rand Institute

Barna Research
Polling & public opinion research on Christian & family issues
Bionomics Institute
Investigation into different view of economics as ecosystem rather than machine
Buckeye Institute
Ohio-based research into free-market public policy
C.D. Howe Institute  
A venerable and respected source of Canadian economic and social policy ideas
Caledon Institute  
Innovative, if not always conservative, essays about social policy issues
Calvert Institute
Maryland-based research into state & local issues
Canadian Property Rights Research Institute  
Property Rights Fact Sheet (good synopsis of U.S. and Canadian property rights) and several issues of Property Rights Primer
Capital Research Center
Studying leftist groups, their funding, & their influence
Cato Institute
Center for Equal Opportunity
Promoting colorblind equal opportunity and racial harmony

Center for Independant Studies
Center for International Private Enterprise
Center for Libertarian Studies
Libertarian scholarship in the Murray Rothbard tradition
Center for Public Integrity
Investigative reports & information programs
Center for Security Policy
Center for Strategic and International Studies
Center for the Study of American Business
Research papers, commentary out of Washington University
Center for the Study of Democracy
Documents, speeches, research into history & reforms
Centre For Cultural Renewal  
Small collection of papers and other resources promoting morality and religiosity
Centre for the Study of Civic Renewal  
Research & debate on what constitutes, and how to create, a good society

Centre for the Study of State and Market  
Contacts for free-market research information
Claremont Institute
Competitive Enterprise Institute
Consumer Policy Institute  
Discovery Institute
Public policy based on natural law and individual rights
Economic Policy Institute
Sometimes liberal, usually interesting
Eric Voegelin Institute
Ethan Allen Institute
Libertarian free-market policies for Vermont & other states
Family Policy Institute
Foundation for Research on Economics & Environment
Science-based fuel for debates & discussions

Fraser Institute  
Free the World
Galen Institute
Focused on free-market based health and taxation policy, offers good articles
Goldwater Institute
Heartland Institute
Henry Hazlitt Foundation
A wonderful resource including the full text of several of Hazlitt's works
Hoover Institution
Lots of material about personal freedom, representative government, peace, and observing the constitution
Hudson Institute
Independant Institute
Independence Institute
Colorado-based think tank offering interesting articles on a wide range of issues

Innovations in American Government
Project of the JFK School of Government
Insitute of Economic Affairs
Substantial British force for classical liberalism and free markets
Institute for Health Freedom
Institute for Justice
The libertarian's ACLU
Institute for Objectivist Studies
James M. Buchanan Center for Political Economy
Site offers few resources, but the Center offers good academic programs in economics
James Madison Institute
Florida-focused policy based on Madison principles
Jefferson Project
Provides links to many other political resource sites
Jefferson School
"The intellectual voice of capitalism on the Internet"
Korea Center for Free Enterprise

Leadership Institute
Liberal Institute
Ludwig von Mises Institute
Not just a monument to von Mises - includes lots of great new work
MacKenzie Institute  
Studies terrorism in all its forms, including union thuggery
Manhattan Institute
Focused on analysis and influence of urban issues and problems
Media Research Center
Tracks & exposes liberal bias in the media
Mercatus Center
Previously the Center for Market Processes
Montreal Economic Institute  
Bringing an economic focus to public policy research
National Center for Policy Analysis
Excellent resource for authoritative detail
National Foundation for Family Research and Education  
Research of family & education policy options

National Humanities Institute
Pacific Research Institute
Political Economy Research Center
Researching market solutions to environmental problems
Princeton Economics Institute
School of Cooperative Individualism
Political philosophy based on the principles of Thomas Paine - lots of reading
Science and Environmental Policy Project
Debunks junk science around the world
Smith Center for Private Enterprise Studies
Social Science Research Network
Technical essays - economic & labour issues
St. Lawrence Institute for the Advancement of Learning  
Exploring problems and Hayekian solutions in education & elsewhere
Tax Foundation

Thoreau Institute
Researches environmental protection methods without big government
Tommy Douglas Research Institute  
Iincludes interesting health care proposals
Urban Institute
Non-partisan social policy research, Manhattan Institute more reliable
Vera Institute of Justice