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193 of 715 are Canadian links
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Advocacy Organizations
Alberta Civil Society Association  
Good essays by Senator-elect Ted Morton & others
Canada Family Action Coalition  
Defending & promoting Judeo-Christian principles in Canada
Canada West Foundation  
Canadian Civil Liberties Association  
Canada’s civil liberties watchdog
Canadian Monarchist Online  
Information & news to assist in defending the monarchy & its Canadian role
Canadian Taxpayers Federation  
National advocacy of taxpayer issues
Canadians for Direct Democracy  
Referendum advocacy group, lots of material & links to other resources
Electronic Frontier Canada  
Canadian defender of Internet liberties
Fathers Are Capable Too  
Focus on parental custody & access issues, lots of good stuff debunking femnist myths
Health Policy Reform  
Exploring options for reforming the Canadian health care system

Lifesite Canada  
Includes The Impact, a pro-life/pro-family online journal
Monarchist League  
National Citizens Coalition  
Probing watchdog & tough critic of governments, unions, & others who encroach on freedom
Progressive Group for Independent Business  
Promoting equality, property rights, democratic reform, workfare, tax relief, and more
Real Women of Canada  
Society for Academic Freedom and Scholarship  
Work Research Foundation  
Independent research institution studies work, competitiveness, unions, jobs, right to work
Authors & Columnists
Blatchford, Ms. Christie - The National Post  
Coyne, Mr. Andrew - The National Post  
Durkan, Mr. Sean - The Ottawa Sun  

Frum, Mr. David - The National Post  
Gairdner, William D.  
Information about Dr. Gairdner and his published and in-progress works
Jenkinson, Mr. Michael - The Edmonton Sun  
Laframboise, Ms. Donna - Freelance  
Leishman, Mr. Rory - The London Free Press  
McElroy, Ms. Wendy - Freelance  
Fine libertarian writer whose site offers dozens of essays and information about her books
Mercer, Ilana  
A selection of columns by this libertarian freelance columnist
Morton, Mr. Ted - The Calgary Sun  
Selick, Ms. Karen - Lawyer & Columnist  
Sharp clear libertarian essays
Woiceshyn, Mr. Glenn - Freelance  
Objectivist essays & letters

Alberta Courts  
Federal Court of Canada  
Ontario Courts  
Supreme Court of Canada  
Main portal for the court
Supreme Court of Canada Decisions  
Education Reformers
Organization for Quality Education  
Ontario-based education reformers
Donner Canadian Foundation  
Canadian Federal Organizations Links  
Canadian Municipal Information Service  
Links to hundreds of Canadian municipal government Web sites
Government of Alberta  

Government of British Columbia  
Government of Canada  
Government of Manitoba  
Government of New Brunswick  
Government of Newfoundland  
Government of Northwest Territories  
Government of Nova Scotia  
Government of Ontario  
Government of Prince Edward Island  
Government of Quebec  

Government of Saskatchewan  
Government of Yukon  
International Organizations
University of Toronto G8 Information Centre  
Research and reports from the G8 countries & conferences
Legislative Bodies
Alberta Legislative Assembly  
British Columbia Legislative Assembly  
Manitoba Legislative Assembly  
New Brunswick Legislative Assembly  
Newfoundland House of Assembly  
Northwest Territories Legislative Assembly  
Nova Scotia Legislature  

Ontario Legislative Assembly  
Parliament of Canada  
Includes parliamentary schedules, order papers, full text of bills, etc.
Prince Edward Island Legislative Assembly  
Quebec National Assembly  
Saskatchewan Legislative Assembly  
Yukon Legislative Assembly  
Liberal/Socialist Links
Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives    
Think tank funded by Canadian unions and other leftist organizations
Canadian Commentary    
Pretensions of "serious commentary" cloaking overworked blather
Canadian Council on Social Development - Links    
A large collection of links to social-activist organizations
Canadian Dimension Magazine    
Essays and other musings from the unabashedly leftist point of view

Cité Libre    
"Quebec's Voice For Liberalism and Canadian Unity"
Liberal Party of Canada    
Canada's often-successful and currently-governing party of no principles
Parkland Institute    
Alberta-based left-leaning think tank
Progressive Economics Forum    
Unassailable truths of economics assaulted by some of the leading economics voices among Canada's socialist activists
Straight Goods    
News, columns, forums, and more from the left
Fax the Feds  
E-mail arrives as fax at federal ministers' & diplomats' offices
Free Dominion  
Spirited forums sparked by interesting articles
Liberal Watch  
Opposing the Canadian federal Liberal Party
Owe-lympics Page  
Rational Anarchist  
Outspoken commentary from the anarchist viewpoint, more thoughtful than many of its ilk

A new site promising to be a raucus town hall with MP ratings, political links & more
News Sources
Calgary Herald    
Canada Newswire  
Canadian Broadcasting Corporation - Main Portal    
News-full portal provides links to CBC Newsworld, Radio, & Television
CANOE - Canadian Online Explorer News  
Current headlines, links to stories at source
CPAC - Canadian Parliamentary Channel  
Links, video, program schedules, and more
Daily Gleaner  
Fredericton, New Brunswick, daily
Globe & Mail  
The waning "national" daily
Halifax Daily News  
Halifax Herald  

Hill Times  
Good coverage of Canada's legislature & government
Leader Post  
Saskatchewan's largest newspaper, published in Regina
Maclean's Magazine    
Canada's weekly newsmagazine
Montreal Gazette  
Montreal's English-language daily
National Post  
Canada's very fine national daily
North Shore News  
Community newspaper in North and West Vancouver, often includes sensible commentary
Nunatsiaq News  
Serving the far north from Iqaluit
Ottawa Citizen  
Southam's News Café  
Links to many Southam-owned papers & their headline stories
St. John's, Newfoundland, daily

Toronto Star    
Toronto's resolutely liberal/socialist daily
Vancouver Province  
Sister paper to the Vancouver Sun
Vancouver Sun  
Sister paper to the Vancouver Province
Winnipeg Free Press  
Yukon News  
Serving the Northwest Territories from Whitehorse
Political Links
Freedom Party of Ontario  
Excerpts from the book Gritlock, which analyzes the Canadian Liberal Party's perennial grip on power and proposes an alternative
Political news and commentary presented by a Canadian government relations firm, Hillwatch Inc.
Ontario Family Coalition Party  
Ontario's fourth-largest provincial political party
PC Party of Ontario  

Politics Watch  
A good political portal offering wide-ranging links to political news and commentary along with a little material of its own
Public Policy Resources
Frontier Centre for Public Policy  
Interesting papers on new approaches to medicare, public transit, rural and farm decline and more
Institute for Research on Public Policy  
Purports to include all points of view on public policy issues in sixteen important policy areas - lots of interesting links
Urban Renaissance Institute  
Sensible articles promoting urban policies which foster thriving, sustainable city regions
Barquentine Ventures Online Journal  
A library of thoughtful essays by Charles Moore
A cornucopia, including interesting essays
British Columbia Free Press  
Independent news & opinion webzine
Canada Speaks  
Speeches by Canadian prime ministers
Canadian Economic Indicators  

Canadian Foreign Policy  
Index and abstracts from the scholarly journal
Canadian Human Rights Reporter  
Summaries of significant human rights cases
Canadian Journal of Political Science  
Abstracts of essays from a respected journal
Canadian Libertarian  
Canadian Online Explorer - Columnists  
Canadian Parliamentary Review  
Essays on parliamentary practice
Capitalism & Capitalism Magazine  
Promoting laissez-faire capitalism & Capitalism Magazine
Could Do Better  
Ontario education system, by parent reformers
Enter Stage Right  
A very good news and commentary magazine
Interim, The  
"Canada's pro-life, pro-family newspaper online"

Liberty Free Press  
Wide-ranging weekly publication of columns and essays
National Post - Commentary  
Direct to the Post's columns
Next City  
Thoughtful commentary by excellent writers
Politics Canada  
Quackgrass Press  
Report Magazine  
Canada's own National Review
Research Institutes
Atlantic Institute for Market Studies  
C.D. Howe Institute  
A venerable and respected source of Canadian economic and social policy ideas
Caledon Institute  
Innovative, if not always conservative, essays about social policy issues
Canadian Property Rights Research Institute  
Property Rights Fact Sheet (good synopsis of U.S. and Canadian property rights) and several issues of Property Rights Primer

Centre For Cultural Renewal  
Small collection of papers and other resources promoting morality and religiosity
Centre for the Study of Civic Renewal  
Research & debate on what constitutes, and how to create, a good society
Centre for the Study of State and Market  
Contacts for free-market research information
Consumer Policy Institute  
Fraser Institute  
MacKenzie Institute  
Studies terrorism in all its forms, including union thuggery
Montreal Economic Institute  
Bringing an economic focus to public policy research
National Foundation for Family Research and Education  
Research of family & education policy options
St. Lawrence Institute for the Advancement of Learning  
Exploring problems and Hayekian solutions in education & elsewhere
Tommy Douglas Research Institute  
Iincludes interesting health care proposals

Access to Justice Network  
Links to Canadian legal resources including statutes, case law, legal news and other documents
Bertrand Russell Archives  
McMaster University's comprehensive collection of Russell works
Canadian Confederation  
Historical documents, timelines, maps, etc. from the National Library
Canadian Constitutional Documents  
McMaster U. collection of documents
Canadian Political Science Association  
Information & links relating to political science study
Canadian Politics Online Resource Guide  
Good links to official & serious resources
Child & Family Canada  
100's of articles from 46 non-profit child welfare agencies, not always conservative
Citizen's Council of Canada  
Promotes initiative, referenda, and recall; includes info about corporate "welfare"
Citizens Research Institute  
Family-oriented legal support organization
Council for Canadian Unity  
Canadian data & opinions, not just on unity

Federal Royal Commission Reports  
Full text of the reports of many (all?)
Freedom Foundation of Canada  
New site - links to topical news & other sites, discussion, & opinion
History of Economic Thought - McMaster University  
Online text of many classic economics essays and books, plus biographies and more
International Council for Canadian Studies  
Links to groups promoting Canadian studies around the world
Law library at University of Montreal links to other legal resources, including full texts of court decisions
National Library - Information Links  
Peter Niemczak's Research Page  
Links to Canadian sites for courts, banks, government, others
Political Contact Links from Canadian Lawyer  
Easy way to contact, or get contact info for, federal and provincial politicians
Prime Ministers of Canada  
Biographies, pictures, anecdotes - good site
Prime Ministers of Canada (Schoolnet)  
Biographies, pictures, speeches

Schoolnet digital collections  
Vast collection of Canadiana by federal gov't
Solon Law Archive  
Constitution docs, + some statutes & treaties
Statistics Canada  
Vanier Institute of the Family  
Authoritative essays & studies on social & political factors affecting family life
Universities & Colleges
Dalhousie University  
Dartmouth College  
McGill University  
Mount Allison University  
Queen's University  
Scarborough College  

Simon Fraser University  
St. Francis Xavier University  
St. Mary's University  
University of Alberta  
University of Calgary  
University of Guelph  
University of Manitoba  
University of New Brunswick  
University of Northern British Columbia  
University of Regina  

University of Saskatchewan  
University of Toronto  
University of Victoria