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Links shown with are not reliably conservative.
'Lectric Law Library
American legal library
Access to Justice Network  
Links to Canadian legal resources including statutes, case law, legal news and other documents
Accuracy in Academia
Combating politically-correct movements in academia
ACT New Zealand
New Zealand's controversial political party
Acton Institute
Free society sustained by religious principle
Adam Smith Institute
Economic wisdom from the 18th century mingling with wise voices from today
Advocates for Self-Government
Rambling, popular, libertarian site
The virtual union hall
Alabama Family Alliance
"All public policy is family policy"
Alberta Civil Society Association  
Good essays by Senator-elect Ted Morton & others

Alberta Courts  
Alberta Legislative Assembly  
Alexis de Tocqueville Institution
For civil liberty, political equality, and economic freedom
Allegheny Institute
Free-market research with a Pennsylvania focus, good urban-issue resource
Alliance for Redesigning Government  
The foxes' wisdom on how to fix the henhouse!
CNN's political newsmagazine
America's Future
Free enterprise and constitutional government
American Association for Affirmative Action  
Provided for and by professionals managing affirmative action & related programs
American Civil Liberties Union  
An example of how a good idea and organization can go terribly wrong
American Civil Rights Institute
"Race has no place in American life or law"

American Conservative Union
Preserving American founding principles
American Council for Capital Formation
Studies economic barriers in taxes, and environmental and trade policies
American Council on Science and Health
American Enterprise Institute
Lots of facts to back up conservative ideas and opinions
American Family Association
Schools, pornography, culture, abortion, and other issues
American Institute for Full Employment
Researches and promotes alternatives to welfare for unemployed workers
American Legislative Exchange Council
Legislators advocating Jeffersonian principles in law
American Political Science Association
American Political Science Review
Abstracts of recent and current issues, plus links to archives
American Prospect Magazine  
One of the better misguided liberal journals

American Spectator
Top conservative magazine, site offers lots of online reading
Americans Against Discrimination & Preferences
News and information concerning affirmative action, race, gender, and related topics
Americans for Democratic Action  
Oriented to grassroots activists, busy, political, shrill, and wrong
Annenburg Institute for School Reform
A program of Brown University
Arts & Letters Daily  
A vast cornucopia of philosophy, literature, criticism, and other diversions
Aspen Institute  
Often thoughtful, sometimes classical liberal, sometimes Clinton-esque dogma
Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development  
Professional development for educators - includes sound ideas about accountability
Association of Educators in Private Practice
Information about charter schools, private schools, Internet education, & more
Association of Libertarian Femnists
Newsletter and a few links
Atlantic Institute for Market Studies  

Atlas Economic Research Foundation
Supports, encourages, and helps coordinate the activities of a number of free-market research organizations
Australian Conservative Politics
Ayn Rand Institute
Bad Subjects  
Musings on the gamut of liberal issues
Banned Books On-Line
Brief banning anecdotes & links to full text of banned books
Barna Research
Polling & public opinion research on Christian & family issues
Barquentine Ventures Online Journal  
A library of thoughtful essays by Charles Moore
BBC's UK Politics
Political news from England
Bertrand Russell Archives  
McMaster University's comprehensive collection of Russell works
Bionomics Institute
Investigation into different view of economics as ecosystem rather than machine

Blatchford, Ms. Christie - The National Post  
Blue Eagle Commentary
Links to 365 columnists of varied political stripes
A cornucopia, including interesting essays
Bogus News Network
Entertaining Gen-X site offering false news, but including a healthy dose of truth & wisdom
Bradley Foundation
Supporting projects to renew vigorous citizenship
British Columbia Free Press
Sensible political reporting and criticism, usually focused on B.C.
British Columbia Free Press  
Independent news & opinion webzine
British Columbia Legislative Assembly  
Brookings Institution  
Long a fountain of knowledge for liberals
Buckeye Institute
Ohio-based research into free-market public policy

Buckley, Mr. William F. - Universal Press
BuildFreedom.com - Free World Order
One of the most comprehensive libertarian sites on the Web
Business-Industry Political Action Committee
Promoting pro-business political candidates, sponsor of Voter.com
Coverage of activities of the American Congress and Senate
C.D. Howe Institute  
A venerable and respected source of Canadian economic and social policy ideas
Caledon Institute  
Innovative, if not always conservative, essays about social policy issues
Calgary Herald    
California Public Policy Foundation
Interesting, and not exclusively Californian
Californians Against Discrimination & Preferences
Promoters of Proposition 209, which outlawed affirmative action
Calvert Institute
Maryland-based research into state & local issues

Campaign for Working Families
Second-largest lobby group in the U.S.!
Campaigns and Elections Magazine
U.S. magazine devoted to the science and art of political campaigns
Canada Family Action Coalition  
Defending & promoting Judeo-Christian principles in Canada
Canada Newswire  
Canada Speaks  
Speeches by Canadian prime ministers
Canada West Foundation  
Canadian Alliance
The Canadian Reform Conservative Alliance, Canada's newest political force
Canadian Broadcasting Corporation - Main Portal    
News-full portal provides links to CBC Newsworld, Radio, & Television
Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives    
Think tank funded by Canadian unions and other leftist organizations
Canadian Civil Liberties Association  
Canada’s civil liberties watchdog

Canadian Commentary    
Pretensions of "serious commentary" cloaking overworked blather
Canadian Confederation  
Historical documents, timelines, maps, etc. from the National Library
Canadian Constitutional Documents  
McMaster U. collection of documents
Canadian Council on Social Development - Links    
A large collection of links to social-activist organizations
Canadian Dimension Magazine    
Essays and other musings from the unabashedly leftist point of view
Canadian Economic Indicators  
Canadian Federal Organizations Links  
Canadian Foreign Policy  
Index and abstracts from the scholarly journal
Canadian Foundation for Drug Policy
Very good library & links related to the failures of the war on drugs
Canadian Human Rights Reporter  
Summaries of significant human rights cases

Canadian Journal of Political Science  
Abstracts of essays from a respected journal
Canadian Libertarian  
Canadian Monarchist Online  
Information & news to assist in defending the monarchy & its Canadian role
Canadian Municipal Information Service  
Links to hundreds of Canadian municipal government Web sites
Canadian Online Explorer - Columnists  
Canadian Parliamentary Review  
Essays on parliamentary practice
Canadian Political Science Association  
Information & links relating to political science study
Canadian Politics Online Resource Guide  
Good links to official & serious resources
Canadian Property Rights Research Institute  
Property Rights Fact Sheet (good synopsis of U.S. and Canadian property rights) and several issues of Property Rights Primer
Canadian Taxpayers Federation  
National advocacy of taxpayer issues

Canadians for Direct Democracy  
Referendum advocacy group, lots of material & links to other resources
CANOE - Canadian Online Explorer News  
Current headlines, links to stories at source
Capital Research Center
Studying leftist groups, their funding, & their influence
Capitalism & Capitalism Magazine  
Promoting laissez-faire capitalism & Capitalism Magazine
Cascade Policy Institute
Cato Institute
Center for Defense Information
American military spending & other info - often critical of defense spending
Center for Democracy and Technology
Defending personal liberty for users of emerging technology
Center for Education Reform
Center for Educational Innovation
An offshoot of the influential Manhattan Institute

Center for Equal Opportunity
Promoting colorblind equal opportunity and racial harmony
Center for Independant Studies
Center for Individual Rights
Pro individual rights & civil rights, anti "affirmative action"
Center for International Private Enterprise
Center for Libertarian Studies
Libertarian scholarship in the Murray Rothbard tradition
Center for Public Integrity
Investigative reports & information programs
Center for School Change
A program of the Hubert Humphrey Institute of Public Affairs
Center for Security Policy
Center for Strategic and International Studies
Center for the Advancement of Paleo Orthodoxy
Commentary on politics, ethics, economics from a biblical perspective

Center for the Defense of Free Enterprise
Educating people of all ages about free markets and economics
Center for the New West
Economic & political ideas from and for Western North America
Center for the Study of American Business
Research papers, commentary out of Washington University
Center for the Study of Democracy
Documents, speeches, research into history & reforms
Center for the Study of Popular Culture
At the forefront of neoconservatism
Center for Voting and Democracy
Voting systems & effects on participation, governance & representation
Center of the American Experiment
"Minnesota's Conservative Think Tank"
Brief essays from the "centrist, conservative, and libertarian" points of view
Centre For Cultural Renewal  
Small collection of papers and other resources promoting morality and religiosity
Centre for Policy Studies
An interesting site representing this British think tank

Centre for the Study of Civic Renewal  
Research & debate on what constitutes, and how to create, a good society
Centre for the Study of State and Market  
Contacts for free-market research information
Character Counts
Promoting the Six Pillars of Character: trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring and citizenship
Charter School Research Project
Charter School Resource Center
A program of the Pioneer Institute
Promoting constitutional reform in Britain, interesting articles on democracy's problems and possible solutions
Child & Family Canada  
100's of articles from 46 non-profit child welfare agencies, not always conservative
Children's Educational Opportunity Foundation
Cité Libre    
"Quebec's Voice For Liberalism and Canadian Unity"
Citizen's Council of Canada  
Promotes initiative, referenda, and recall; includes info about corporate "welfare"

Citizens Council on Health Care
Minnesota-based group advocating choice and privacy in health care
Citizens for a Sound Economy
Grassroots organization promoting economic freedom
Citizens for Responsible Education Reform
Citizens Research Institute  
Family-oriented legal support organization
City Journal
Smart analysis of urban issues and problems
Site for CIVITAS, an international group promoting civic education (not to be confused with Civitas, the Canadian conservative society). Site includes full text of important U.S. historical documents and other useful material.
Claremont Institute
Coalition on Urban Renewal and Eduction
Promoting self-reliance, morality and responsibility in inner city families
Commentary Magazine
Publishing conservative opinion for 50 years

Common Conservative
"Practical conservatism for the common man"
Commonwealth Foundation
Promoting education reform, fact-based environmental policy, and other laudable ideas
Competitive Enterprise Institute
Concerned Women for America
Good watchdog promoting family values
Concord Coalition
Promoting a balanced federal budget, includes U.S. budget details
Conservative Bookstore
Online bookstore plus news, reviews, features, and The Conservative Monitor
Conservative Caucus
Restore America to constitutionally limited government
Conservative Digest
Links, digests, discussion groups, more
Conservative Education Forum
An eclectic assortment of interesting links
Conservative Generation X

Conservative Internet Forum
Conservative News Service
Conservative Party of Britain
Speeches, news, current campaigns, and more
Conservative Political Action Conference
Information and online registration for the premiere annual conservative conference
Conservative Times
Interesting even while under construction
Conservative Voice
News, commentary, and links for conservatives
Constitution Society, The
Voluminous library of material on constitutional republican government - a great resource!
Consumer Policy Institute  
Could Do Better  
Ontario education system, by parent reformers
Council for Canadian Unity  
Canadian data & opinions, not just on unity

Council for Government Reform
Smaller government, welfare reform
Coyne, Mr. Andrew - The National Post  
CPAC - Canadian Parliamentary Channel  
Links, video, program schedules, and more
Critical Review
Once libertarian, now ???, interesting, site offers abstracts only
Critiques of Femnism
Daily Gleaner  
Fredericton, New Brunswick, daily
Daily Outrage
Daily Republican
Dalhousie University  
Dartmouth College  

Dead Economists Society
Defenders of Property Rights
Legal foundation devoted to protecting rights
Discovery Institute
Public policy based on natural law and individual rights
Donner Canadian Foundation  
Venerable and entertaining, if not always right, comic strip
Drudge Report
Links to news & columns, online radio, & Drudge's own columns
Drug Library
Links to a handful of comprehensive sites on drug policy reform
Drug Policy Foundation
Promoting alternatives to the costly and failing war on drugs
Durkan, Mr. Sean - The Ottawa Sun  
American political news & commentary

Eagle Forum
Fine and voluminous site by Phyllis Schlafly's pro-family, anti-femnist, anti-big-government Eagle Forum
Economic Policy Institute
Sometimes liberal, usually interesting
New site (still evolving) with news, chat, links
Edmund Burke School
A private school founded on & instilling Burkian principles
Education Consumers Clearing House
Interesting free articles on education reform offered by this for-profit site
Education Consumers ClearingHouse
Wide array of information, some on a subscription basis
Education Policy Institute
Education Reform
Small collection of articles describing familiar problems & reform ideas
Educational Excellence Network
A superb resource provided by the Fordham Foundation
News from all over about new approaches to education

Elections Around the World
Current electoral results & more from around the world
Electronic Frontier Canada  
Canadian defender of Internet liberties
Electronic Frontier Foundation
American defender of Internet liberties
Electronic Policy Network  
An offshoot of American Prospect magazine, sometimes thoughtful
Employment Policies Institute
Info about minimum wage laws & other employment issues
Employment Policy Foundation
Empower America
Education reform, tax reform, monetary reform
Enter Stage Right  
A very good news and commentary magazine
Eric Voegelin Institute
Essays on Politics
Small collection of interesting classic & contemporary essays

Ethan Allen Institute
Libertarian free-market policies for Vermont & other states
Ethical Spectacle  
Explores ethics, law, and government from many points of view
Ethics and Public Policy Center
Excellent material for thinking conservatives
European Parliament
Multilingual Web site for the European Parliament
Families Against Internet Censorship
Family Policy Institute
Family Research Council
The activist arm of James Dobson's Focus on Family
Fathers Are Capable Too  
Focus on parental custody & access issues, lots of good stuff debunking femnist myths
Fax the Feds  
E-mail arrives as fax at federal ministers' & diplomats' offices
Federal Court of Canada  

Federal Royal Commission Reports  
Full text of the reports of many (all?)
Federalist Digest
Federalist Society
Conservative & libertarian legal reform
Fedworld Information Network
U.S. government information search engine
Field of Schemes
How publicly-supported sports stadiums are turning public money into private profit
First Things
A journal of religion in public life
Flummery Digest
Extensive collection of nuggets of government silliness
Foundation for Economic Education
Foundation for Individual Rights in Education
Free speech, individual liberty, religious freedom, legal equality, due process, and academic freedom on campuses
Foundation for Research on Economics & Environment
Science-based fuel for debates & discussions

Fraser Institute  
Free Citizen Online
Links to news stories on various fronts, with an American slant
Free Congress Foundation
Not only politically conservative, but also culturally conservative
Free Dominion  
Spirited forums sparked by interesting articles
Free Inquiry
Published by the Council for Secular Humanism
Free Republic
Commentary on media coverage of political stories
Free the World
Freedom Daily - Future of Freedom Foundation
Freedom Forum
Current news related to free speech & free press issues
Freedom Foundation of Canada  
New site - links to topical news & other sites, discussion, & opinion

Freedom Party of Ontario  
Freeman, The
Publisher of economic & political ideas for over 40 years
Frontier Centre for Public Policy  
Interesting papers on new approaches to medicare, public transit, rural and farm decline and more
Frontiers of Freedom Institute
Promotes constitutional limits on government
Frontpage Magazine
A publication of David Horowitz' Center for the Study of Popular Culture
Frum, Mr. David - The National Post  
G.K. Chesterton
Full text of many of Chesterton's works, plus a biography, pictures, and many related links
G.K. Chesterton "The Colossal Genius"
Collection of outstanding links to full-text resources, biographies, criticism, and more
Gairdner, William D.  
Information about Dr. Gairdner and his published and in-progress works

Galen Institute
Focused on free-market based health and taxation policy, offers good articles
Globe & Mail  
The waning "national" daily
Goldwater Institute
Web portal for the U.S. Republican party
Government of Alabama
Government of Alaska
Government of Alberta  
Government of Arizona
Government of Arkansas
Government of British Columbia  

Government of California
Government of Canada  
Government of Colorado
Government of Connecticut
Government of Delaware
Government of District of Columbia
Government of Florida
Government of Georgia
Government of Hawaii
Government of Idaho

Government of Illinois
Government of Indiana
Government of Iowa
Government of Kansas
Government of Kentucky
Government of Louisiana
Government of Maine
Government of Manitoba  
Government of Maryland
Government of Massacheusetts

Government of Michigan
Government of Minnesota
Government of Mississippi
Government of Missouri
Government of Montana
Government of Nebraska
Government of Nevada
Government of New Brunswick  
Government of New Hampshire
Government of New Jersey

Government of New Mexico
Government of New York
Government of New Zealand
Government of Newfoundland  
Government of North Carolina
Government of North Dakota
Government of Northwest Territories  
Government of Nova Scotia  
Government of Ohio
Government of Oklahoma

Government of Ontario  
Government of Oregon
Government of Pennsylvania
Government of Prince Edward Island  
Government of Quebec  
Government of Rhode Island
Government of Saskatchewan  
Government of South Carolina
Government of South Dakota
Government of Tennessee

Government of Texas
Government of Utah
Government of Vermont
Government of Virginia
Government of Washington
Government of West Virginia
Government of Wisconsin
Government of Wyoming
Government of Yukon  
Excerpts from the book Gritlock, which analyzes the Canadian Liberal Party's perennial grip on power and proposes an alternative

Halifax Daily News  
Halifax Herald  
Harry Browne for President
Libertarian Party leader and presidential hopeful
Small collection of interesting essays
An outstanding source of information about Friedrich Hayek and his work
Health Care Resources on the Web
Links to U.S. federal, state, and hospital information
Health Policy Reform  
Exploring options for reforming the Canadian health care system
Heartland Institute
Hegel by Hypertext  
Lots of Hegel's work & others' commentary on it - heaven for masochistic socialists
Henry Hazlitt Foundation
A wonderful resource including the full text of several of Hazlitt's works

Herbert Hoover Presidential Library
Offers a biography, pictures and descriptions of the library's collections, but articles, speeches, etc. by Hoover are not online
Heritage Foundation
Hill Times  
Good coverage of Canada's legislature & government
Political news and commentary presented by a Canadian government relations firm, Hillwatch Inc.
HIS Character
A few good articles exploring the importance of character in public officials
Historic Moments In Canadian Politics
Very small but growing presentation of photos from recent political history
History Channel - Speeches  
Listen to famous speeches from history
History of Economic Thought
Includes synopses of schools of economic thought, major architects and authors, online books and essays, links and other resources
History of Economic Thought - McMaster University  
Online text of many classic economics essays and books, plus biographies and more
Home School Legal Defense Association
Thorough and well-organized site devoted to American home-schooling issues

Hoover Institution
Lots of material about personal freedom, representative government, peace, and observing the constitution
Horowitz, Mr. David - Salon Magazine
Hudson Institute
"A journal of social issues"
Idea Channel  
Wide-ranging collection of interviews with leading thinkers
Independant Institute
Independence Institute
Colorado-based think tank offering interesting articles on a wide range of issues
Independent Review
Journal of political economy
Independent Women's Forum
Women supporting individual freedom and personal responsibility
Index on Censorship
Bi-monthly magazine promoting free speech

Individual Rights Foundation
Initiative and Referendum Institute
For our reformer friends, a great resource
Innovations in American Government
Project of the JFK School of Government
Insitute of Economic Affairs
Substantial British force for classical liberalism and free markets
Institute for American Liberty
Defending the principles of the founding fathers of the U.S.
Institute for Civil Society
New site (11/99) offering future promise - keep checking this one!
Institute for Education Reform
Includes information about charter schools
Institute for Health Freedom
Institute for Humane Studies
Scholarships & other support for study & promotion of classical liberalism
Institute for Humane Studies
Sponsors scholarships, seminars, and other resources promoting classical liberalism

Institute for Justice
The libertarian's ACLU
Institute for Objectivist Studies
Institute for Policy Innovation
Institute for Private Enterprise
Wisdom from down under - more wide-ranging than its name suggests
Institute for Public Accuracy  
Spin to attack the Cato Institute, Brookings Institute, Heritage Foundation, etc.
Institute for Research on Public Policy  
Intellectual Capital
Voluminous weekly e-zine, not reliably conservative but often interesting
Intercollegiate Studies Institute
Interim, The  
"Canada's pro-life, pro-family newspaper online"
International Council for Canadian Studies  
Links to groups promoting Canadian studies around the world

International Foundation for Election Systems
Current information about elections around the world
Internet Classics Archive
Full text of classics by Aristotle, Epictetus, Plato, and others
Internet Privacy Coalition
Promoting strong encryption and privacy on the Internet
Issues and Views
Conservative blacks speak out against "equity" policies, promote free speech, & more
James M. Buchanan Center for Political Economy
Site offers few resources, but the Center offers good academic programs in economics
James Madison Institute
Florida-focused policy based on Madison principles
Jefferson Project
Provides links to many other political resource sites
Jefferson School
"The intellectual voice of capitalism on the Internet"
Jenkinson, Mr. Michael - The Edmonton Sun  
Jesus Christ Foundation
Huge collection of mostly-Christian links

Jewish World Review
Insightful columns and other writing
John Birch Society
John Fitzgerald Kennedy Presidential Library
Speeches, photographs, biographical and historical information, and more
John Locke Foundation
North Carolina-based think tank exploring questions of liberty in a constitutional republic
John M. Ashbrook Center for Public Affairs
Scholarly defense of liberty, limited government, and civic morality
John M. Olin Foundation
Supporting projects that strengthen traditional liberty & order
Josephson Institute of Ethics
"to improve the ethical quality of society by advocating principled reasoning and ethical decision making"
Josiah Bartlett Center for Public Policy
Fact-based research of state and local issues, with the spirit of New Hampshire
Judicial Watch
Watching for radicalism and liberalism in U.S. court proceedings
Junk Science
Solid debunking of liberal science myths

Jurist: The Law Professor's Network
American, with international connections
Curriculum and tools for home schooling, an initiative led by ex-Education Secretary of the U.S., William J. Bennett
Klingenstein Center for Independent School Education
A program of Columbia University
Korea Center for Free Enterprise
Kosser Education Newsletter
Criticism of public education, includes many useful documents, links and a few quotations
Krauthammer, Mr. Charles - The Washington Post
Kuyper Foundation
Libertarianism from a Christian point of view
Laframboise, Ms. Donna - Freelance  
Laissez Faire Books
Laissez Faire City

Leader Post  
Saskatchewan's largest newspaper, published in Regina
Leadership Institute
Left Wing Lingo, Ideologies, and History  
The history & theories of leftist ideology
Leishman, Mr. Rory - The London Free Press  
"The anti-state, anti-war, pro-market news site" published by the Center for Libertarian Studies
Law library at University of Montreal links to other legal resources, including full texts of court decisions
Liberal Institute
Liberal Party of Canada    
Canada's often-successful and currently-governing party of no principles
Liberal Watch  
Opposing the Canadian federal Liberal Party
Liberals & Libertarians  
Advancing the argument that liberals and libertarians are a lot alike

Libertarian Enterprise
Libertarian Heritage
Libertarian Party (U.S.)
Libertarianism: A Primer
Excerpts from the David Boaz book
Liberty Free Press  
Wide-ranging weekly publication of columns and essays
Liberty Fund, Inc.
Publisher of contemporary & classic work
Liberty Haven
A vast collection of articles
Liberty Issues
Liberty Magazine
Hard-core libertarian magazine, often more political than philosophical

Liberty Matters
Liberty Search
Commentary and news stories from the libertarian side
Libman's World
Libraries on the Web - Canada
Long list of links to Canadian libraries
Library of Economics and Liberty
Outstanding resource offering the complete text of classic books and essays, as well as many serious contemporary essays
Lifesite Canada  
Includes The Impact, a pro-life/pro-family online journal
Lincoln Heritage Institute
Promo site only, little to read, but useful contacts
Good articles on election campaign organization

Lockesmith Institute
Exploring classical liberalism
Great synopses of news for right-thinking people, with links to full stories elsewhere
Ludwig von Mises Institute
Not just a monument to von Mises - includes lots of great new work
Lysander Spooner
Complete text of Spooner essays and letters, plus biography, photos and links to other Spooner sites
Machiavelli Online
Love him or hate him, a thorough resource
MacKenzie Institute  
Studies terrorism in all its forms, including union thuggery
Mackinac Center for Public Policy
Policy from free-market principles, tendency to focus on Michigan
Maclean's Magazine    
Canada's weekly newsmagazine
Manhattan Institute
Focused on analysis and influence of urban issues and problems
Manitoba Legislative Assembly  

Margaret Thatcher
Collected articles and speeches by Dame Thatcher, plus historical and biographical notes
Margaret Thatcher Site (Unofficial)
Biography, quotations, pictures, audio clips and more
Marty Winn's Political Page
Collection of often-interesting American political links
Marx/Engels Archive  
More than you'll ever need to know
Mathematically Correct
Emerging new math curriculum ideas laid bare
McElroy, Ms. Wendy - Freelance  
Fine libertarian writer whose site offers dozens of essays and information about her books
McGill University  
Media Awareness Project
Media By-Pass
Monthly journal & for-pay e-zine
Media Research Center
Tracks & exposes liberal bias in the media

Memory Hole
Extensive archive of libertarian essays
Mercatus Center
Previously the Center for Market Processes
Mercer, Ilana  
A selection of columns by this libertarian freelance columnist
Metropolis Project
Scholarly, if not conservative, studies of immigration
Michael Oakeshott Association
Good resource for information about the obscure-but-important philosopher
Milton & Rose D. Friedman Foundation for Education Choice
Links, FAQ, articles, and contact resources for school choice advocates
Monarchist League  
Montreal Economic Institute  
Bringing an economic focus to public policy research
Montreal Gazette  
Montreal's English-language daily
Morton, Mr. Ted - The Calgary Sun  

motherjones.com / mojo wire  
Web home and offshoot of Mother Jones magazine, "Click here to save the rainforest" and other goofiness
Mothers at Home
Resources & information for stay-at-home mothers
Mount Allison University  
One of the oldest leftist (not liberal) publications in the U.S.
National Academy of Public Administration
Government administrators' ideas about how to improve government
National Association of Scholars
National Center for Policy Analysis
Excellent resource for authoritative detail
National Center for Public Policy Research
National Citizens Coalition  
Probing watchdog & tough critic of governments, unions, & others who encroach on freedom

National Coalition of Free Men
Information about how sex discrimination affects men
National Education Association  
The trouble starts here: the U.S. national teachers' union
National Endowment for Democracy
Site includes the International Forum for Democratic Studies
National Foundation for Family Research and Education  
Research of family & education policy options
National Humanities Institute
National Interest
Foreign policy & other issues from an American conservative viewpoint
National Legal and Policy Center
Promoting ethics in gov't - good right-to-work resources
National Library - Information Links  
National Post  
Canada's very fine national daily
National Post - Commentary  
Direct to the Post's columns

National Review
The American Alberta Report
National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation
Supporting freedom from abuses of compulsory unionism
National Wilderness Institute
A voice of reason on environmental issues
New American
Web presence of the bi-weekly newsmagazine, offering lots of news & commentary
New Australian
New Australian
Good, with a slant towards Austrian economics
New Brunswick Legislative Assembly  
New Criterion, The  
Critical reviews of high culture and the arts
New Libertarian

New Republic  
Some think of it as the National Review for liberals
New York Charter School Resource Center
New York Times  
Newfoundland House of Assembly  
American news with a conservative spin
Next City  
Thoughtful commentary by excellent writers
No Break Tax Break Opposition Web Site
Detailed info on effects of Liberal taxation & on the Opposition's flat tax proposal
No Excuses
Promoting direct instruction and measured achievement in public schools
No Sacred Cows
A library of libertarian articles and links
Noam Chomsky Archive
Essays, letters, book excerpts, audio clips

Nockian Society
Preserving the ideas & work of Albert Jay Nock
Non-Statist FAQ
Effort to explain libertarianism by answering frequently asked questions
North Atlantic Treaty Organization
North Shore News  
Community newspaper in North and West Vancouver, often includes sensible commentary
Northwest Territories Legislative Assembly  
Nova Civitas
Belgian classical liberal political club - interesting links, other resources coming (11/99)
Nova Scotia Legislature  
Nunatsiaq News  
Serving the far north from Iqaluit
Of the People
Parental rights advocacy
One If By Congress, Two If By White House
An eclectic e-zine of Jeffersonian conservatism

One Nation (Australia)
Check Policy section for approaches to familiar concerns
Solving the world's problems using the "democracy" of the Internet
Political satire
Ontario Courts  
Ontario Family Coalition Party  
Ontario's fourth-largest provincial political party
Ontario Legislative Assembly  
Opinion Inc.
Organization for Quality Education  
Ontario-based education reformers
Organization of American States Trade Unit
Includes trade information (eg. Full text of NAFTA agreement)
Ottawa Citizen  

Owe-lympics Page  
Pacific Research Institute
Paglia, Ms. Camille - Salon Magazine
Parents Television Council
"Bringing responsibility to the entertainment industry"
Parkland Institute    
Alberta-based left-leaning think tank
Parliament of Canada  
Includes parliamentary schedules, order papers, full text of bills, etc.
Parliament of the United Kingdom
Parliament of the United Kingdom
The House of Commons and House of Lords
Paul Silhan's site promoting his parody songs - fun!
Partners Advancing Values in Education
Milwaukeee, WI, foundation helps low-income kids attend private schools

PC Party of Ontario  
People for the American Way  
Liberal watchdog, tips towards legal/constitutional issues & combating "right wing" activism with their own
People for the Ethical Treatment of Algae
Dedicated to establishing and protecting the rights of all algae
Peter Niemczak's Research Page  
Links to Canadian sites for courts, banks, government, others
Philomod Model - An Introduction
Philosophy and Civil Society
Essays exploring "what comes after post-modern democracy?"
Philosophy: Who Needs It
Objectivist Leonard Peikoff's radio show
Phyllis Schlafly Report
Pioneer Institute for Public Policy Research
Massacheusetts-based alternatives in social & economic policy
Policy Review
A Heritage Foundation journal, and a very good resource for activists

Purports to include all points of view on public policy issues in sixteen important policy areas - lots of interesting links
Wide-ranging political news & information
UK-based resource for 1,000+ public policy research papers, including work by Scruton, Oakeshott, Burke
Political Contact Links from Canadian Lawyer  
Easy way to contact, or get contact info for, federal and provincial politicians
Political Economy Research Center
Researching market solutions to environmental problems
Political Insider
U.S. political news, links, not stringently conservative
Political Philosophy Page
Thorough collection of links to other sites
Political Resources on the Net
Political Science Resources
Political Science Resources
Methodology, philosophy, links, and more

Political Theory (from Carnegie Mellon U. server)
Good classic & contemporary writings
Politically Incorrect
Bill Maher's smart & biting TV show - games, quips & more - fun!
Politico's Bookstore
One of the world's few political bookstores, in London, England
Politics Canada  
Politics Online
Ideas, tools, and news about use of the Internet in modern politics
Politics Watch  
A good political portal offering wide-ranging links to political news and commentary along with a little material of its own
Large collection of links plus candidate profiles, news, & other U.S. political information
US Parties, candidates, issues, & campaigns
Polymath Society
Non-partisan site exposes abuses of American government handouts and corporate welfare, regardless of the political stripes involved

Prime Ministers of Canada  
Biographies, pictures, anecdotes - good site
Prime Ministers of Canada (Schoolnet)  
Biographies, pictures, speeches
Prince Edward Island Legislative Assembly  
Princeton Economics Institute
Privacy Page
Promoting individual privacy & exposing interventions of same
Proceedings of the Friesian School
Interesting exploration of contemporary political philosophies
Progress and Freedom Foundation
Studies the digital revolution and its implications for public policy
Progressive Economics Forum    
Unassailable truths of economics assaulted by some of the leading economics voices among Canada's socialist activists
Progressive Group for Independent Business  
Promoting equality, property rights, democratic reform, workfare, tax relief, and more
Progressive Review
Opinionated political commentary, not completely liberal (despite the name)

Public Affairs Web
Huge resource for U.S. political action info
Public Eye  
"an independent, nonprofit research center that unmasks the US political right"
Public Opinion Quarterly
Includes a huge bibliography of research into public opinion & polling
Put Parents In Charge
Education reformers, including advocates of school choice
Quackgrass Press  
Quebec National Assembly  
Queen's University  
Ralph Waldo Emerson  
Complete works as well as links to various other useful resources
Rational Anarchist  
Outspoken commentary from the anarchist viewpoint, more thoughtful than many of its ilk
One man's views on religion and culture presented in an often-interesting, though often dogmatic, presentation of essays

Reagan Information Interchange
Michael Reagan's (son of Ronald) radio show site plus news, articles, links
Real Women of Canada  
Reason Foundation
Serious and influential research and education promoting rationality and freedom in public policy
Reason Online
Voluminous and interesting - one of the best libertarian sites on the Web
Reason Public Policy Institute
From the Reason Foundation
Reform Party (U.S.)
Region - Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis
A bank?! Yes, publisher of interviews with esteemed economists
Regulatory Policy Center
Articles & bibliography for intellectual & property rights issues
Report Magazine  
Canada's own National Review
Republican Liberty Caucus

Resources for the Future
Reuters News Agency
Right Gallery
Right Magazine
Right Minds
Good links collection & some commentary
Right Side of the Web
A large and well-organized collection of conservative links
Roll Call  
News and commentary related to the U.S. Congress and its denizens

Ronald Reagan
Good site! His words and details of his accomplishments
Ronald Reagan Presidential Library
Offers a very small online sampling of the President's letters and memos
Russell Kirk Heritage Lectures
Russell Kirk Web Site
Rutherford Institute
Civil liberty legal & educational foundation
Saskatchewan Legislative Assembly  
Scalia Shrine
Judicial restraint & preservation of constitution
Scarborough College  
School of Cooperative Individualism
Political philosophy based on the principles of Thomas Paine - lots of reading
Schoolnet digital collections  
Vast collection of Canadiana by federal gov't

Science and Environmental Policy Project
Debunks junk science around the world
Selick, Ms. Karen - Lawyer & Columnist  
Sharp clear libertarian essays
Separation of School and State Alliance
Advocates removing government from elementary & secondary education
Simon Fraser University  
Singles with Scruples
A dating service for scrupled people!
Small Business Survival Committee
Articles & information of international interest
Smith Center for Private Enterprise Studies
Smith Richardson Foundation
Supporting research into the efficacy of U.S. foreign & domestic policies
Social Critic
Social Science Research Network
Technical essays - economic & labour issues

Society for Academic Freedom and Scholarship  
Solon Law Archive  
Constitution docs, + some statutes & treaties
Southam's News Café  
Links to many Southam-owned papers & their headline stories
Sowell, Mr. Thomas - Forbes Magazine
A new site promising to be a raucus town hall with MP ratings, political links & more
St. Francis Xavier University  
St. Lawrence Institute for the Advancement of Learning  
Exploring problems and Hayekian solutions in education & elsewhere
St. Mary's University  
State of Disunion
A 1996 scholarly study of American politics
Statistics Canada  

Straight Goods    
News, columns, forums, and more from the left
Good up-to-the-minute foreign news
Supreme Court of Canada  
Main portal for the court
Supreme Court of Canada Decisions  
Szasz Cybercenter for Liberty and Responsibility
Ethical considerations in medicine & in life
Tax Foundation
Tax Foundation
Tax Reform Now!
Taxpayers for Common Sense
Independent taxpayers watchdog scrutinizing government spending in the U.S.
St. John's, Newfoundland, daily

Texas Public Policy Foundation
Research papers in education, environment, government efficiency, & more
The War On Drugs Is Lost
William F. Buckley's critique
Collected news articles from a wide array of sources, not always conservative
An antidote for the ravings of American feminists
Copius U.S. legislative information
Thomas Jefferson Center for the Protection of Free Expression
Devoted solely to the protection of free expression
Thomas Jefferson Online Resources
Voluminous resource at University of Virginia
Thoreau Institute
Researches environmental protection methods without big government
Today Foundation
Texas-based group with interests in education, criminal justice and tax reform
Tommy Douglas Research Institute  
Iincludes interesting health care proposals

Toronto Star    
Toronto's resolutely liberal/socialist daily
Toward Tradition
Resources to fight public education's anti-religious, humanist tide, including information about school choice and a reproducible pamphlet promoting it.
Popular and voluminous conservative site
Traditionalist Conservative Page
Links to various resources, & FAQ lists
Transaction Publishers
Leading publisher of social science literature, with a rich list of conservative titles
Turn Left  
"The home of liberalism on the Web"
U.S. Census Bureau
Comprehensive statistics about our neighbours to the south
U.S. Charter Schools
Links to schools, discussion groups, other resources
U.S. Constitution Online
Full text, plus FAQs, biographies, other resources
U.S. Democratic Party  
The party that made Bill Clinton president, and is proud of it

U.S. Federal Web Site Locator
U.S. Founding Documents
Constitution, Bill of Rights, Declaration of Independence
U.S. House of Representatives
U.S. Library of Congress
U.S. National Debt Clock
Public debt is not an exclusively Canadian problem
U.S. Senate
U.S. Supreme Court - Decisions
U.S. White House
Ultimate Pro-Life Resource List
News and links
United for a Fair Economy  
Dedicated to equality of income and wealth

United Nations System Hub  
Links to various United Nations agencies
United States Justice Foundation
"A conservative voice in the courts since 1979"
University of Alberta  
University of Calgary  
University of Guelph  
University of Manitoba  
University of New Brunswick  
University of Northern British Columbia  
University of Regina  
University of Saskatchewan  

University of Toronto  
University of Toronto G8 Information Centre  
Research and reports from the G8 countries & conferences
University of Victoria  
A home for the intellectually heterodox
Urban Institute
Non-partisan social policy research, Manhattan Institute more reliable
Urban Renaissance Institute  
Sensible articles promoting urban policies which foster thriving, sustainable city regions
USA Today
Vancouver Province  
Sister paper to the Vancouver Sun
Vancouver Sun  
Sister paper to the Vancouver Province
Vanier Institute of the Family  
Authoritative essays & studies on social & political factors affecting family life

Interesting writings, often about immigration policy, by Peter Brimelow & friends
Vera Institute of Justice
Vote Our Values
U.S. Senator Ashcroft's "New Beginnings" site
American political news, Power Top 100 in the U.S., and other diversions
War Room
Lots of audio & info from Jim Quinn's radio show
Washington Post  
Web Sites of National Parliaments
Links to the Web sites of more than 100 governments
Wednesday on the Web
Weekly Standard
Published by Irving Kristol's son William
Will, Mr. George - Chicago Sun-Times

William H. Donner Foundation
Benevolent foundation provides funding for many important projects
Winnipeg Free Press  
Winston Churchill Center & Societies
Great site including biographical and historical information and essays about Churchill, links to much more
Woiceshyn, Mr. Glenn - Freelance  
Objectivist essays & letters
Women's Freedom Network
A sensible viewpoint on femnism and gender discrimination
Work Research Foundation  
Independent research institution studies work, competitiveness, unions, jobs, right to work
World and I Magazine
World Climate Report
Science & political science of the global climate
World Constitutions
Full English text of constitutions from over 20 countries
Worldnet Daily
U.S. daily news & commentary from the right

Young America's Foundation
Programs directed at youth, promoting freedom, free enterprise, and traditional values
Young Americans for Freedom
Yukon Legislative Assembly  
Yukon News  
Serving the Northwest Territories from Whitehorse
ZNet Network  
Sponsored by Z Magazine for "people concerned about social change"